The National Curriculum for pupils in Primary 5 released by the NIGERIAN EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL (NERDC) is as follows:

Theme 1 Processes Of Agricultural Production

1. How to Grow Crops
2. Control of Crop Weeds, Pests, and Diseases
3. Rearing of Farm Animal

Basic Science
Theme 1 Learning About Our Environment

1. Environmental Changes
2. Waste and Waste Disposal
3. Environmental Quality

Theme 2 Living And Non-Living Things

1. The Human Body (The Skeleton)
2. Reproduction in Plants
3. Rocks
4. Acids and Bases

Basic Technology
Theme 1 Understanding Basic Technology

1. Materials and Maintenance
2. Basic Motor Vehicle Parts (Internal)
3. Drawing Instruments

Theme 2 You And Energy

1. Energy Conversion
2. Heat and Temperature
3. Basic Electricity
4. Magnetism

Christian Religious Studies
Theme 1 God’S Plan For Us

1. God supplies our needs
2. God wants us to work

Theme 2 God Saves His People

1. God Saves us from danger.
2. God shows mercy to us.

Theme 3 Holy Spirit Working In Us

1. The Pentecost.
2. The Holy Spirit keeps us faithful.
3. The Rewards of working in the Holy Spirit.

Civic Education (Basic)
Theme 1 National Consciousness

1. Meaning of Loyalty

Theme 2 Goverance

1. Meaning and Types of Leadership
2. Leadership of different levels
3. Good and Bad leadership
4. Arms of Government

Theme 3 Democracy

1. Pressure Groups
2. Values (Hard work)
3. Social Injustice

Cultural And Creative Arts
Theme 1 Arts And Crafts

1. Types of Drawings.
2. Card Making and Decoration.
3. Introduction to Weaving using Paper.
4. Mosaics
5. Calabash/Wood Painting and Decoration.
6. Nigerian Traditional Architecture.

Theme 2 Performing Arts & Entertainment

1. Songs/ Music with Nigerian identity.
2. Creating a play with the theme of Honesty/Integrity/Right attitude to work.
3. Creating Music with Solfa Notation
4. Music Notes and their values
5. Dance Motifs
6. Components of dance
7. Techniques in dance.
8. Acting
9. Impersonation
10. Role play
11. Developing character in a play.

Theme 3 Customs And Traditions

1. Meaning and Objectives of Traditional Apprenticeship System.
2. Types and Importance of Apprenticeship system.

English Language
Theme 1 Reading

1. Phonics I
2. Phonics II
3. Comprehension I
4. Comprehension II
5. Comprehension III
6. Comprehension IV
7. Vocabulary

Theme 2 Writing

1. Guided Formal Letter Writing,
2. Guided Narrative Composition on „the Day l Met the Federal Road Safety Corp Officials on the Road?.
3. Descriptive Composition (Elements of Soil)
4. Writing and Responding to Formal and Informal Invitations
5. Responding to Formal Invitations
6. Writing and Responding to Letters of Congratulations and Sympathy
7. Responding to Letters of Congratulations or Sympathy

Theme 3 Listening And Speaking

1. Structured dialogues involving expression of ideas, with appropriate Stress and intonation patterns.
2. Using the telephone
3. Oral Composition (talking about self and family).
4. Debates on simple and familiar topics.

Theme 4 Grammatical Accuracy

1. Using Simple adjectives and adverbs in speaking and writing
2. Arranging List of Words in alphabetical order
3. Using direct and indirect speech
4. Active and Passive Sentences
5. Using Present perfect and Past Perfect Tenses in Sentences
6. Comparing Objects and People using “same as”
7. Expressing consequence or “cause and effect” with the use of the phrase “so … that”.

French Language
Theme 1 Identité/Identification

1. Compter de 21 – 60
2. Présenter les autres
3. Identifier les parties du corps humain

Theme 2 Environnement Immédiat

1. Parler de la grande famille
2. Parler des voisins
3. Exprimer la gratitude
4. Nommer les jours de la semaine

Theme 3 Activités Humaines

General Mathematics
Theme 1 Numbers And Numeration

1. Whole numbers
2. Fractions
3. Multiplication
4. Division

Theme 2 Basic Operations

1. Addition and subtraction
2. Use of Number line in addition and subtraction

Theme 3 Algebraic Processes

1. Open sentences

Theme 4 Mensuration And Geometry

1. Money
2. Length
3. Weight
4. Time
5. Temperature
6. Area
7. Volume
8. Capacity
9. Structure of Earth
10. Plane Shape
11. 3 Dimensional Shape
12. Circle

Theme 5 Everyday Statistics

1. Data Presentation
2. Measures of central tendency
3. Tossing coins and throwing of die

Hausa Language
Theme 1 Harshe

1. ?idaya
2. Auna Fahimta
3. Sau?a?an Jimloli
4. SauyeSauyen Kalma
5. Karatu Dan Auna Fahimta
6. Ci Gaba Da ?a’idojin Rubutu
7. Ci Gaba Da Rubutu Hannu

Theme 2 Adabi

1. Gajeren Rubutaccen Wasan ?waikwayo
2. Gajerun Wa?o?i
3. Adon Magana
4. Gabatar Da Karya Harshe
5. Gajerun Labarai

Theme 3 Al’Adu

1. Tsaftar Jiki
2. Sunayen Hausawa
3. Tsarin Sarautun Hausawa
4. Sana’o’i
5. Bikin Suna
6. Kayan Sana’a
7. Tsarin Sassau?ar Jimla

Home Economics
Theme 1 Family Living And Resource Management

1. Family: Functions, Relationships/ Tree, Family, Values and Life Cycle
2. Uses of Personal and Family Resources

Theme 2 Clothing And Textile

1. Types and Uses of Simple Sewing Tools and Equipment

Theme 3 Food And Nutrition

1. Cooking Tools and Equipment
2. Food Safety and Cooking Methods

Information Technology (IT)
Theme 1 Basic Computer Operation

1. Computer Games
2. Care and Protection of Computers

Theme 2 Basic Concepts Of Information

1. Internet I

Islamic Studies
Theme 1 Al-Qur’An

1. The Arabic Text of Suratul- Alaq, Suratul -Qariat and Ayat 12-19 of Suratul Luqman
2. Arabic Text of Suratul-Tin and Ad-Duha

Theme 2 Tawhid/Fiqh

1. Significance of the Belief in Life after Death. – Yaumul -Qiya mah or Yaum – Al-Akhirah Hereafter.
2. As-Sawm (Fasting) and its Importance:
3. Zakat (Almsgiving) in Islam and its Significance.

Theme 3 Sirah/Tahdib

1. Short History of Khulafau Rashidun- Uthman bn Affan; -Ali bin Abi-Talib
2. Lessons from the Role of Some Women Mentioned in the Quran (Q66:10-12)
3. Islamic Rules of Conduct I
4. Islamic Rules of Conduct II

Physical & Health Education
Theme 1 Basic Movement

1. Creative Rhythmic Activities Measuring Physical Fitness Components (Endurance, Strength and speed) )

Theme 2 Athletics

1. Field Events View Content
Theme 3 Games And Sports
1. Ball Games

Theme 4 Health Education

1. Nutrition
2. Drug Education

Theme 5 Pathogens, Diseases And Prevention

1. Diseases

Security Education
Theme 1 Personal / Neighborhood Security: Duties And Responsibilities

1. Introduction to personal security
2. Duties and Responsibilities of a child in respect of personal security

Social Studies
Theme 1 Fundamentals Of Social Studies

1. Influence of man and his environment

Theme 2 Family As The Basic Unit Of Society

1. Other People in the family

Theme 3 Culture And Social Values

1. Unity in Cultural Diversity
2. Responsible Parenthood
3. Personal Hygiene and Physical Development

Yoruba Language
Theme 1 Ede`

1. Ònka lati ogorun-un de igba (200 – 300)
2. Agboye
3. Gbolohun aláb?´dé
4. Akaye
5. Leta gbefe
6. Pontueson siwaju si i
7. Aroko

Theme 2 Litireso

1. Ere onise apileko kekere
2. Orin ibile to jemo aye´ye
3. Akanlò ede ati owe
4. Ede Alonilahon
5. Kika Itan aroso keekeeke.

Theme 3 Asa

1. Imototo ayika
2. Orisiirisii oruko yoru`ba
3. Oruko oba alaye ati ilu won
4. Ise Amuse
5. Igbeyawo ni ilana ti ibile yoru`ba
6. Ohun elo ise/irinse


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