The National Curriculum for pupils in Primary 4 as released by the NIGERIAN EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL (NERDC) is as follows:

Theme 1 Introduction And Medium Of Agricultural Production
1. Meaning of Agriculture
2. Soil Types and Enrichment
3. Agricultural Tools and Equipment

Basic Science
Theme 1 – Learning About Our Environment
1. Changes in Nature
2. Our weather
3. Safety in Our Environment

Theme 2 Living And Non-Living Things
1. Changes in Plants and Animals
2. Human Body (The mouth)
3. Water
4. Water cycle
5. Measuring liquids

Basic Technology
Theme 1 Understanding Basic Technology

1. Technology and You
2. Shape construction with paper, wood or metal
3. Vehicles

Theme 2 You And Energy

1. Forms of Energy

Christian Religious Studies
Theme 1 God Has A Plan For Us

1. We are children of one Father.
2. God calls us for a purpose
3. God gives His law to us

Theme 2 Jesus The Way To The Father

1. Jesus Loves all people.
2. Jesus gives His life for us on the cross.
3. Jesus gives us a new life

Theme 3 Knowing God Through Our Relationship With Others

1. God and our Talents.
2. Kindness to others.

Civic Education
Theme 1 Governance

1. Meaning and importance of good Governance
2. Types of Government.

Theme 2 National Consciousness

1. National Values
2. Nation
3. Building Our Nation
4. Ethnicity and its Problems.

Cultural And Creative Arts
Theme 1 Arts And Crafts

1. Meaning, Origin and uses of Arts.
2. Classification of Arts and Nigerian Art works.
3. Elements of Design
4. Principles of Design.
5. Types of Colours and Textures.
6. Creative Use of Colours and Textures.
7. Print making (Leaf and Thumb print)
8. Drawing and Shading (Still Life)
9. Modelling: Paper Mache’.

Theme 2 Performing Arts & Entertainment

1. Definition of Music
2. Nigerian Musical Instruments and sounds they produce
3. Foreign Musical Instruments
4. Classification of Musical Instruments and Sounds
5. Definition of Drama and theatre
6. Some elements of Drama and Theatre
7. Definition of Dance.
8. Features of Nigerian Traditional dances.
9. Basic movements in dance.

Theme 3 Customs And Traditions

1. Mode of Greeting
2. Care of the Environment.

English Language
Theme 1 Reading

1. Comprehension I
2. Comprehension II
3. Comprehension III
4. Comprehension IV
5. Comprehension V
6. Concepts of print

Theme 2 Writing

1. Writing Simple Sentences about Events in Correct Sequence. (A Passage on Consumer, Market and Society)
2. Guided Informal Letter, e.g. Letter to a Friend
3. Narrative and Descriptive Composition Descriptive:
a. My Family b. My School

Theme 3 Listening And Speaking

1. Simple Conversation using the Appropriate Words
2. Aural Discrimination in Vowels and Consonants
3. Oral Composition Descriptive and Narrative e.g. – An Interesting experience: “A visit to my village?” – “„My Father?s house”.
4. Using Question Tags
5. Stress and Intonation
6. Songs and Poems

Theme 4 Grammatical Accuracy

1. Using past, present and future tenses accurately
2. Nouns and pronouns
3. Adjectives and Adverbs
4. Comparative forms of adjectives and adverbs
5. Question Tags
6. Adverbial Clauses using „if? and „when

French Language
Theme 1 Identité/Identification

1. Pourquoi apprendre le français ?
2. Saluer
3. Se présenter
4. Prendre congé

Theme 2 Environnement Immédiat

1. Présenter les membres de la famille proche
2. Parler de l’école

Theme 3 Activités Humaines

1. Compter de 0 à 20
2. Dire l’heure
3. Identifier les aliments et les repas

General Mathematics
Theme 1 Numbers And Numeration

1. Whole numbers
2. LCM
3. HCF
4. Fraction

Theme 2 Basic Operations

1. Addition and subtraction
2. Multiplication
3. Division
4. Estimate

Theme 3 Algebraic Processes

1. Open sentience

Theme 4 Mensuration And Geometry

1. Money
2. Length
3. Weight
4. Time
5. Area
6. Capacity
7. Plane shapes
8. Three dimensional shapes

Theme 5 Everyday Statistics

1. Bar Graph

Hausa Language
Theme 1 Harshe

1. ?idaya
2. Insha’in Baka
3. Insha’in Baka Gabatar Da Auna Fahimta
4. Gabatar Da Rubutun Wasi?a
5. Fara Koyon ?a’idojin Rubutu

Theme 2 Adabi

1. Gajerun Wasannin Kwaikwayo
2. Gajerun Wa?o?i
3. Kacici-Kacici
4. ?arin Karin Magana Da Maganganun Azanci

Theme 3 Al’Adu

1. Aure
2. Hausawa Da Sana’o’insu
3. Abincin Hausawa
4. Tufafin Hausawa

Home Economics
Theme 1 Introduction To Home Economics

1. Meaning, Scope and Importance of Home Economics

Theme 2 Home Management

1. Personal Grooming and Use of Basic Cosmetics
2. Types and Care of Personal Clothing

Theme 3 Food And Nutrition

1. Food: Classification and Functions of Food

Information Technology (IT)
Theme 1 Basic Computer Operations

1. Computer hard ware
2. Computer Software
3. Starting up the Computer
4. Data and Information

Theme 2 Basic Concepts Of Information Technology

1. Common IT Gadgets

Islamic Studies
Theme 1 Al-Qur’An

1. Revision Suratul-Kauthar Suratul-Ma’un and Suratu-Quraish.
2. Arabic text of Ayatul-kursiyy and Saratul Fil and Suratul Qadr.

Theme 2 Tawhid And Fiqh

1. Belief in Angels and their functions.
2. Belief in the Glorious Books.
3. Faraid, Sunan and Mustahabbat of Wudu

Theme 3 Sirah/Tahdhib

1. Short History of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) from Hijirah to His Death.
2. Trust-Worthiness
3. Islamic Rules of Conduct: Brotherhood
4. Short History and Activities of the Rightly Guided Caliphs: Abubakar Bin Abi Quhafah and Umar bin Khattab:

Physical & Health Education
Theme 1 Basic Movement

1. Moving our Body Parts
2. Moving our Body Parts II

Theme 2 Games And Sports

1. Athletics
2. Ball Games

Theme 3 Health Education

1. Personal Hygiene
2. First Aid and Safety Education
3. Safety Education and accident prevention

Security Education
Theme 1 Personal / Neighbourhood Security: Duties And Responsibilities

1. Introduction to Neighborhood security.
2. Important phone numbers and their uses.

Social Studies
Theme 1 Fundamentals Of Social Studies

1. Social Environment View Content

Theme 2 Family As The Basic Unit Of Society

1. The Relationship of some Members of the Family

Theme 3 Culture And Social Values

1. Culture
2. Other People’s Beliefs and Traditions

Theme 4 Social And Health Issues

1. Characteristics of Drug Abusers, their Treatment and Rehabilitation
2. Prevention of Drug Abuse- Life Coping Skills
3. Attitude to Different Forms of Accident

Yoruba Language
Theme 1 Ede`

1. Ònka lati ogorun-un de igba (100 – 200)
2. Aroso
3. Akaye
4. Aroko
5. Ifaara si leta kiko
6. Pontueson

Theme 2 Litireso

1. Ere oni´tan keekeeke Ere oni´tan keekeeke
2. Ewi
3. Alo´ apamo
4. Owe
5. Alo oni´tan ti ko lorin

Theme 3 Asa

1. Iwa rere ati iwa buruku/ibi
2. Ise amuse
3. Ounje
4. Aso wiwo



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