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If Tan θ = \frac{5}{12}, where θ is acute, find the value of Sin θ.

A. 13     B. \frac{5}{13}     C. \frac{12}{13}     D. 1


If Sin x = \frac{4}{5}, find Cos x where x < 90°

A. 3      B. \frac{3}{5}      C. \frac{4}{5}      D. 1

If 2 Sin2θ  = 1 + Cos θ, 0o ≤  θ ≤ 90o, find the value of θ

A. 90o      B. 60o      C. 45o      D. 30o

A man is standing on the corridor of a 10 storey building and looking down at a tall tree in front of the building. He sees the top of the tree at an angle of depression of 30o. If the tree is 200 m tall and the man’s eyes are 300 m above the ground, calculate the angle of depression of the foot of the tree as seen by the man.

A 30o    B. 60o    C. 45o    D. 75o

A man walks 100 m due West from a point X to Y, he then walks 100 m due North to a point Z. Find the bearing of X from Z.

A. 195o      B. 135o     C. 225o     D. 045o

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