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The distribution of colours of heath in a bowl is given above. What is the probability that a bead selected at random will be blue or white?

A. \frac{1}{15}    B. \frac{1}{3}    C. \frac{2}{5}   D. \frac{7}{15}

A fair die is thrown once. Find the probability of getting a number less than 5. (NECO 2018)

A. \frac{1}{6}      B. \frac{1}{2}      C. \frac{2}{3}      D. \frac{3}{4}

A bag contains 4 red and 6 black balls of the same size. If the balls are shuffled briskly and two balls are drawn one after the other without replacement, find the probability of picking balls of different colours.

A. \frac{8}{15}    B. \frac{13}{25}    C. \frac{11}{15}    D. \frac{13}{15}

What is the probability of getting a 4 when a die is thrown?

A. \frac{1}{2}    B. \frac{1}{3}    C. \frac{1}{4}    D. \frac{1}{6}

Some white balls were put in a basket containing twelve red balls and sixteen black balls. If the probability of picking a white ball from the basket is  \frac{3}{7}  how many white balls were introduced?

A. 32    B. 28    C. 21   D. 12

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