Mathematics Practice Tests (SS1 – SS3) – Plane and Circle Geometry

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If QR = 3, PS = x, ∠PQS = 30o, ∠PRS = 45o and ∠PSR = 90o, find the value of x in the diagram below.

A.       B.       C.       D.

In the figure below AB is parallel to CD

then x + y + z = ______

A. 195o      B. 200o      C. 360o      D. 180o

In the figure below PQ is parallel to SR, QS bisects ∠PSR, ∠PQS is 65o and ∠RPS is 20o.

What is the size of ∠PRS? 

A. 45o      B. 35o      C. 40o      D. 30o

In the figure below ΔABC and ΔAED are in adjacent planes. AB = AC = 5cm, BC = 6cm and ∠ADE = 60°, then AE is equal to _____

A.      B.      C.      D.

In the figure above, PQ is parallel to RS. Calculate the value of x

A. 20o    B. 40o    C. 60o    D. 80o

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