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Solve the inequality

A.     B.     C.     D.

Find the range of the values of x for which 4 - x < 2.

A. x > 2     B. x < 2     C. x 2

Find the range of values of x for which  <img title="\frac{x+2}{4}-\frac{2x-3}{3}< 4" src="https://latex.codecogs.com/gif.latex?\frac{x+2}{4}-\frac{2x-3}{3}

A. x > -6    B. x > -3     C. x < 8    D. x < 4

Solve the inequality 7 - x >4.

A. x < -11     B. x < -3     C. x < 11     D. x < 3

If 3x - \frac{1}{4}  -  x, then the interval of values of x is ______

A. x >\frac{1}{3}     B. x < \frac{1}{3}     C. x < \frac{1}{4}     D. x > \frac{9}{16}

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