Mathematics Practice Test – Sequence and Series

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The nth term of a sequence is given by Tn = n(1 – 2n). Find the sum of the series of the first three terms.

A. 20       B. -20      C. -21      D. -22


The first term of an Arithmetic Progression is 3 and the fifth term is 9. Find the number of terms in the progression if the term is 81.

A. 12   B. 27    C. 9    D. 4


Find the 4th term of an A.P whose first term is 2 and the common difference is 0.5

A. 0.5      B. 2.5      C. 3.5      D. 4.5


The first three terms of an A.P. are x, (3x + 1) and (7x - 4). Find the 10th term.

A. 63      B. 66      C. 68      D. 70


In a geometric progression, the first term is 153 and the sixth term is  \frac{17}{27} . The sum of the first four term is _____

A. \frac{860}{3}      B. \frac{680}{3}      C. \frac{608}{3}      D. \frac{806}{3}

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