Mathematics Practice Test – Plane and Circle Geometry

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The diagram is a circle of radius |OQ| = 4cm. TR is a tangent to the circle at R. If angle TPO = 120o, find |PQ|.

A. 2.32cm     B. 1.84cm     C. 0.62cm     D. 0.26cm

In the figure below PQ and QR are chords of the circle PQR. QRS is a straight line and PR equals to RS. ∠PSR is 20o. What s the size of ∠POQ?

A. 70o     B. 90o     C. 80o     D. 40o

In the diagram, O is the center of the circle PQRS and angle PSR = 86o. If angle POR = xo, find x.

A. 274     B. 172     C. 129     D. 86

In ΔXYZ,  |XY| = 8 cm, |YZ| =10cm and |XZ| = 6 cm.

Which of these relations is true?

A. |XY| + |YZ| = |XZ|     B. |XY| - |YZ| = |XZ|     C. |XZ|2 = |YZ|2 - |XY|2      D. |YZ|2 = |XZ|2 - |XY|2

Find the value of m in the diagram.

A. 34o     B. 27o     C. 23o     D. 17o

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