Mathematics Practice Test – Angles of Elevation and Depression

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The angle of depression of a point on the ground from the top of a building is 20.3°. If the distance from the point to the foot of the building is 40m. Calculate the height of the building, correct to one decimal place

A. 37.5 m
B. 28.1 m
C. 27.8 m
D. 14.8 m


In the fig. above, points B and C are on a horizontal plane and |BC| = 30 cm. A and D are points vertically above B and C respectively. |DC| = 40 m and |AB| = 26 cm. Calculate the angle of depression of A from D correct to the nearest degree

A. 25.2o
B. 25o
C. 25.110o
D. 24.08o


The feet of two vertical poles of height 3 m and 7 m are in line with a point P on the ground, the smaller pole being between the taller pole and P and at a distance of 20 m from P. The angle of elevation of top (T) of the taller pole from the top (R) of the smaller pole is 30o. Calculate the distance of the foot of the taller pole from P correct to 3 s.f.

A. 27.1 m
B. 27.0 m
C. 26.93 m
D. 26.9 m


A man 1.5 m tall is 18 m away from a tree 6.3 m high. What is the angle of elevation on the top of the tree from his eyes?

A. 30o
B. 60o
C. 90o
D. 14.93o


A mountain climber walks 500 m up a hill, which slopes at an angle of 30o. Calculate the vertical height through which he rises.

A. 500 m
B. 200 m
C. 250 m
D. 150 m



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