Literature In English Practice Tests (Literary Appreciation) Questions with Answers and Explanations

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'Jose Palacios, his oldest servant, found him
floating naked with his eyes open in the
purifying waters of his bath and thought he
had drowned.
He knew this was ,one of the many ways
the General medicated, but the ecstasy in
which he lay drifting seemed that of a man
no longer of this world.'

- Gabriel Garcia Marquez, The General in His Labyrinth

The master in the passage above is obviously in a state of _____

A. labyrinth    B. drowning    C. forgetfulness    D. trance

‘I cannot rest from travel: I will drink
Life to the lees, all times I have
Greatly, have suffered greatly.’

(A. L. Tennyson: Ulysses)

The lines above inform the reader that the poet ______

A. is determined to suffer
B. has his poetic imagination kindled
C. will cure his sour mood
D. will not drink much

Be him English
Be him African
Be him Nigerian

The lines above are an example of ______

A. epitaph     B. anaphora    C. tautology     D. epigram

‘Lift not the painted veil which those who live
call life: through unreal shapes be pictured
there, And it but mimic all we would believe
With colours idly spread,-behind, lurk fear.' -

P.B sheliey: Sonnet

The stanza above is an example of a ______

A. couplet.    B. seslet.    C. quatrain.    D. sonnet.

In its classic form, the short story is distinguished by its _____

A. prosaic conception   B. narrative form    C. resolution   D. compact plot



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