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A dramatic composition or musical play in which many or all the words are sung is called ______

A. an oratorio     B. a motet    C. an opera     D. a concert

The literary device which anticipates that an event will take place is best described as _____

A. foreshadowing     B. rising action    C. flashback     D. parody

A poet’s use of regular rhythm is known as ______

A. allegory     B. assonance    C. metre     D. onomatopoenia

James started showing interest in Buchi a
long time ago. In playing the hunter, he
realised that he needed a bait. This turned
out to be his frequent offer of assistance to
the needy young woman. But Buchi has
proved to be a difficult game. The more
James trailed her the more he realised that
she could not be easily caught.'

The choice of wars in the passage above is remarkable because it is ______

A. drawn from hunting    B. largely confusing    C. quite appropriate    D. very difficult

In literature, a fiat character can be described as one who ______

A. is undeveloped.    B. undergoes changes.    C. dies abruptly.    D. achieves greatness.


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