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[ Home Economics ]

Which of these is NOT a condition that makes bottle feeding very necessary for an infant? When

A. mother cannot produce enough milk.
B. mother is sick.
C. mother is working full-time outside the home.
D. mother wants to maintain her body shape.
E. there are multiple births e.g. twins.
[ Home Economics ]

The “C” lines are _____ lines.

A. arrowed   B. broken    C. perforated   D. stitching   E. straight
[ Agricultural Science ]

When forming a cooperative society, the following issues need to be discussed EXCEPT

A. election of officers
B. membership issues
C. loans procedure
D. sales of farm produce
E. sharing of dividends.
[ Agricultural Science ]

Sandy soil can be made suitable for plant growth by _____

A. adding organic matter. 
B. liming the soil. 
C. planting crops early. 
D. using irrigation. 
E. using nitrogen fertilizer.
[ Home Economics ]

The effective way of preserving beans is by _____

A. canning   B. freezing   C. frying   D. smoking    E. sun drying
[ Agricultural Science ]

Which of the following is NOT a tractor-coupled implement?

A. Cultivator    B. Harvester    C. Incubator   D. Planter    E. Ridger
[ Home Economics ]

A line of stitching that joins two or more pieces of cloth is called _____

A. facing   B. fullness   C. seam  D. stitch   E. trimming
[ Agricultural Science ]

The soil property that can be determined by sieving is soil______

A. colour    B. pH   C. porosity   D. structure  E. texture.
[ Agricultural Science ]

The natural body on the surface of the earth which supports the growth of plants is known as _______

A. field    B. land    C. rock    D. soil    E. water
[ Agricultural Science ]

The rearing and keeping of livestock is known as ______

A. animal husbandry
B. animal improvement
C. animal nutrition.
D. extensive management
E. intensive management
[ Agricultural Science ]

Herbicides are usually applied to the soil by ______

A. broadcasting   B. fumigating   C. ploughing   D. spraying    E. watering
[ Agricultural Science ]

Forage that is processed and preserved for future use is called ___

A. fodder   B. hay   C. roughage   D. silage   E. soilage
[ Agricultural Science ]

Soil acidity is determined by the following methods EXCEPT method.

A. BDH universal soil indicator  B. colourimetric   C. electrometric  D. hygrometer  E. litmus paper
[ Agricultural Science ]

The following crops can be stored for a long period EXCEPT

A. cereals   B. pulses   C. spices   D. tubers   E. vegetables
[ Agricultural Science ]

Which of the following is organic manure?

A. Ammonium nitrate  B. Cow dung  C. Nitrate of potash   D. Sulphate of ammonia   E. Urea.
[ Home Economics ]

The part of sewing machine that holds the fabric firmly in place for stitching is called ______

A. balance wheel   B. feed-dog  C. presser foot   D. stitch regulator   E. tension discs.
[ Home Economics ]

The group of people that needs increase of energy for physical activity is ____

A adolescent   B. aged    C. children   D. lactating mother   E. pregnant women
[ Home Economics ]

A baby’s first sticky stool is called _____

A. colic   B. colostrum   C. diphtheria  D. layette   E. meconium
[ Agricultural Science ]

The following are fresh water fish EXCEPT

A. electric fish   B. mackerel   C. mud fish  D. cat fish   E. tilapia
[ Home Economics ]

Which of these is NOT a type of facing?

A. Crossway   B. Edge stitch   C. Extended  D. Shaped   E. Straight

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