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[ Civic Education ]

For Nigeria to have a free and fair election all forms of _____ must be stopped.

A. electoral laws
B. electoral malpractice
C. electoral process.
D. kidnapping
E. registration of eligible voters.
[ Social Studies ]

The drainage of a given physical environment consists of ______

A. highlands, lowlands, valleys, rivers.
B. hills, mountains, plateau, lakes.
C. rivers, valleys, forest, wind.
D. rivers, streams, oceans, seas.
E. valleys, oasis, oceans, desert.
[ Civic Education ]

To have an orderly society, a state needs a ______

A. chief judge    B. chief whip    C. constitution   D. legislature    E. president
[ Civic Education ]

Which of the following is NOT an agent of political socialization?

A. Family    B. Mass media    C. Peer group   D. Tourism   E. University
[ Civic Education ]

The acts of shunning moral decadence and violence make one become _____

A. an imam   B. employed    C. good citizen   D. man of God    E. self-reliant
[ Social Studies ]

Which of these is NOT a correct way of using electrical appliances?

A. Caring for the appliance.
B. Putting off electrical appliance after use.
C. Regular maintenance of the appliance.
D. Testing the hotness of the appliance on wet material.
E. Using the stabilizer to regulate electric current to the appliance
[ Social Studies ]

The type of group behaviour that can bring about positive development in the society is _____

A. communal labour
B. conflict
C. corruption
D. labour congress
E. mass destruction
[ Civic Education ]

One of the cardinal principles of census is ___purpose.

A. campaign    B. development plan   C. election   D. ethnic   E. regional
[ Civic Education ]

‘Rule of law’ is also known as supremacy of _____

A. followers    B. justice     C. law     D. leaders     E. police
[ Civic Education ]

A system which governs the conduct of elections is called____

A. electoral system
B. party system
C. referendum
D. representation
E. voting system.
[ Social Studies ]

‘To serve Nigeria with all my strength’
is a verse in the National _____

A. Anthem   B. Coat of Arm   C. Constitution  D. Identity card   E. Pledge
[ Civic Education ]

Dedication to work means _____

A. achieving what you want.
B. being punctual to work.
C. getting the wages for work done.
D. joining others to work.
E. putting in the needed attention to work.
[ Civic Education ]

Good leadership means ______

A. applying force to achieve what you want.
B. embezzling public funds.
C. responsibly directing the affairs of people
D. sharing money everywhere.
E. training political thugs.
[ Civic Education ]

The two horses in the coat of arm stand for _____

A. gallantry
B. integrity and strength
C. pride
D. strength
E. unity peace and progress.
[ Civic Education ]

The co-operation between one country and another is ____

A. bilateral
B. international
C. multilateral
D. regional
E. unilateral
[ Civic Education ]

All the following are features of democracy EXCEPT ____

A. a free press
B. democratic institutions
C. majority rule and minority right.
D. political parties.
E. unconstitutional activities.
[ Civic Education ]

One of the duties of the Nigeria police is ____

A. committing crime.
B. collecting money from motorists.
C. curbing crime.
D. embarrassing the people.
E. killing people.
[ Civic Education ]

The National Assembly in Nigeria comprises of _____ and ______houses.

A. Chief, Emirs
B. Common, Lord
C. Lower, Upper
D. President, Speaker
E. Senate, Representative.
[ Social Studies ]

The major raw material needed for the manufacture of cement is _____

A. coal    B. clay     C. iron-ore     D. limestone    E. silica.
[ Civic Education ]

The main purpose of establishing N.Y.S.C., Unity Schools, and Federal Character Commission is to enforce _____

A. cultural heritage
B. national defence
C. national integration.
D. national revenue mobilisation.
E. national stratification.

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