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The husband of Fatimah (RA) daughter of the prophet (SAW) was ______

A. Abu Bakr     B. Aliyu     C. Umar     D. Uthman    E. Zayd.
[ QUR’AN ]

Qara’a simply means _____

A. hear    B. sleep    C. read   D. see     E. touch
[ FIQH ]

Fasting means

A. Hajj    B. Umrah    C. Salah    D. Sawm   E. Zakah.
[ QUR’AN ]

The meaning of layíatul Qadr khayrun min alfi shahr is _____

A. and what could made you know what it is, the night of destiny.
B. in it the angels and spirits descend by their Lords.
C. that night is peace, until the rise of dawn.
D. the night of destiny is better than a thousand months.
E. we have revealed it (the Quran) on the night of destiny.

Al-Salam means The ____

A. Collector    B. Fashioner    C. Highest   D. Peace    E. Superior
[ FIQH ]

A performer of Sujud Qabli or Ba‘di recites ______ in prostration.

A. Subhana Rabbiyal-azim. .
B. Subhana Rabbiyal-a’la.
C. Rabbana wa lakalhamdu.
D. Hasbunallah wani’imal wakil.
E. Sami’Allahu liman Hamidah.

The saying, action and silent approval of Prophet (SAW) is referred to as ____

A. Hadith   B. ljtihad   C. ljma   D. Qiyas  E. Qur’an.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was born in the year of ______

A. Camel    B. Cow    C. Elephant    D. Tiger     E. Lion

Your Lord bath decreed that ye worship none but Him. And that ye be_____ to parents.

A. answerable   B. dishonest    C. disloyal   D. dutiful    E. tolerance

Salah al-lsha’i has ______ Raka’ah.

A. two    B. three    C. four    D. five   E. six

The first assignment of the prophet in Madinah was the construction of a _____

A. house    B. mansion    C. mosque   D. town hail    E. sitting room

The sound collections of Hadith are ______ in number.

A. two    B. three    C. five    D. six    E. seven

Hadith one of al-Nawawis collection was transmitted by Bukhari and _____

A. Abu Dawud   B. Al-Nasa’i   C. lbn majah  D. Muslim   E. Tirmidhi

Which of the following is NOT among the reporters of Hadith?

A. Abu Hurayrah
B. A’ishah
C. Abdullah bn Umar
D. Umar bn Abdul Aziz
E. Umar bn Khattab.

The renown daughter of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is ______

A. Aishah    B. Ruqayyah    C. Fatimah   D. Umm-Kulthum   E. Zaynab
[ FIQH ]

Fasting is done in the month of ____

A. Rajab    B. Ramadan     C. Safar    D. Sha’aban    E. Shawwai
[ QUR’AN ]

The major lesson of Surah al-lkhlas is ______

A. ibadah    B. mu’amalah    C. shariah   D. tahdhib    E. tawhid
[ QUR’AN ]

The Qur’an was revealed for a period of ______ years.

A. thirteen    B. twenty-three    C. twenty-four   D. forty   E. sixty-two
[ QUR’AN ]

Al-Nas in Surah-ai-Nas means ____

A. Angel    B. Animal    C. Bird    D. Jinn   E. Mankind.

The fornicator should be punished by giving ______lashes. .

A. fifty   B. seventy    C. eighty    D. hundred   E. two hundred.

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