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[ Commerce ]

Which of the following is not a feature of an invoice?

A. Address   B. Date    C. Quantity    D. Salutation    E. Signature
[ Commerce ]

The following are extractive occupation EXCEPT

A. bricklaying   B. fishing   C. lumbering   D. mining   E. quarrying
[ Keyboarding ]

Select the shortcut key of refresh.

A. F2     B. F4     C. F8     D. F5     E. None of these
[ Bookkeeping ]

The simplest form of a ledger has a total of _____columns.

A. 2   B. 4   C. 6   D. 8   E. 10
[ Office Practice ]

Which of the following departments is responsible for worker’s salaries?

A. Accounts  B. Administration  C. Marketing  D. Personnel   E. Purchases
[ Keyboarding ]

Numerical keys that are found at the upper part of the computer keyboard comprise of ____ digits.

A. 5.   B. 9.   C. 10.   D. 12.   E. 14.
[ Office Practice ]

Which of the following is NOT a disadvantage of dictating machine?

A. Enhances contact between the typist and the executive.
B. Requires dictating skill rather than shorthand skill.
C. Risk of erasure of dictated information.
D. Typist may lose her speed and skill.
E. With the use of earphone, unnecessary conversation is checked.
[ Commerce ]

The means of water transportation used for carrying goods from one country to another is ____

A. canoe.   B. engine boat.   C. ship.   D. speed boat.   E. submarine.
[ Bookkeeping ]

The balance of Trading Account shows ______

A. capital.   B. gross profit/loss.   C. interest   D. net profit/loss.   E. reserves.
[ Commerce ]

The following are sources of capital for a sole proprietorship business EXCEPT

A. loan and overdraft from banks.   
B. loan from friends. 
C. personal savings.   
D. issuance of shares.   
E. trade credit
[ Keyboarding ]

For 'Maximize Power Point application window' you have to press _____.

A. Ctrl + Shift + F10
B. Shift + F10
C. Ctrl + F10
D. Ctrl + Shift + F5
E. None of These
[ Commerce ]

The following are problems created by lack of Transparency, Accountability and Probity EXCEPT

A. embezzlement. 
B. increased incidence of bribery. 
C. influence peddling. 
D. partiality. 
E. tax avoidance.
[ Keyboarding ]

The following parts can be found in both the computer and the typewriter except ________keys

A. bottom row   B. cursor control   C. home row   D. shift   E. upper row
[ Commerce ]

Which of the following is NOT a feature of partnership? The _____

A. business is controlled by the partners.
B. business is owned by two to fifty persons.
C. capital required to set up the business is provided by the partners.
D. main objective of the partnership is to make profit
E. partners have unlimited liability.
[ Keyboarding ]

Shortcut Key for Superscript is:

A. Ctrl + =
B. Ctrl + - 
C. Ctrl + Shift + +
D. Ctrl + Shift - = 
E. None of These
[ Bookkeeping ]

Carriage inwards is shown on the ____ account.

A. credit side of the trading
B. credit side of the profit and loss
C. debit side of the cash
D. debit side of profit and loss
E. debit side of the trading
[ Commerce ]

Which of the following is not a characteristic of Transparency, Accountability and Probity?

A. Due process  B. Fairness  C. Free flow of information  D. Generosity  E. Impartiality
[ Keyboarding ]

The part of a computer used to display information as a soft copy is called ____

A. CPU.  B. keyboard.   C. monitor.   D. mouse.   E. UPS.
[ Bookkeeping ]

The prime book of account as well as a ledger is known as ______ book.

A. cash   B. purchases day  C. return inwards   D. return outwards   E. sales
[ Bookkeeping ]

A list of balances to check the arithmetical accuracy of the entries in the ledger is called ______

A. balance sheet  B. purchases account  C. sales account   D. trading account  E. trial balance.

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