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[ Computer Studies ]

A version of BASIC programming language is _____

[ Computer Studies ]

Which part of the memory holds user’s program and data currently under processing?

A. Auxiliary memory     B. CD ROM    C. CPU    D.RAM     E.ROM
[ Basic Science ]

The process whereby water is lost to the atmosphere is called _____

A. cloudation     B. condensation     C. transpiration     D. evaporation     E. precipitation.
[ Basic Technology ]

Water in green timber is known as ____

A. annual rings
B. bast
C. medullary rays
D. moisture content
E. sapwood
[ Basic Science ]

The following are advantages of friction EXCEPT that it ____

A. enables a car to come to rest.
B. enables sharpening of tools.
C. makes an object move on belt drives.
D. makes walking easy.
E. produces heat in the moving machine parts.
[ Physical and Health Education ]

The physical fitness component that allows free movement at the joints is called ______

A agility      B. balance      C. Coordination     D. flexibility     E. speed
[ Computer Studies ]

The main memory consists of the following

A. Diskette     B. Hard disk     C. Memory card     D. RAM and ROM     E. Secondary memory
[ Physical and Health Education ]

The prescribed exercise for developing abdominal muscles is ____

A. chin-up     B. power lift      C. pull-up     D. push-up      E. sit-up
[ Physical and Health Education ]

Which of the following wounds occurs when a sharp jagged irregular object cuts deep into the skin?

A. Contusion
B. Incision
C. Laceration
D. Matbum
E. Puncture
[ Basic Science ]

Transit satellites are used to ____

A. carry scientific instruments into space.
B. determine the positions of ships.
C. forecast weather conditions.
D. gather information about meteors and radiations in space.
E. relay radio and television programs.
[ Computer Studies ]

Which of the following is NOT a benefit of the New Technology?

A. Create new jobs.
B. High profit obtained.
C. Low capital to start business.
D. Low profit obtained.
E. Unity among nations.
[ Computer Studies ]

A program that enables the computer user to enter data into rows and columns on the screen is called _____

A. cell     B. graph sheet     C. range     D. spreadsheet     E. word perfect
[ Computer Studies ]

A diagrammatic representation of the logical steps in a program is called

A. bar chart
B. flowchart
C. processing symbol
D. pseudocode
E. symbols.
[ Physical and Health Education ]

Which of the following nations had an ancient belief of developing a strong and powerful army?

A. China     B. Germany     C. Nigeria     D. Rome     E. Sparta
[ Physical and Health Education ]

Which of the following conditions is NOT a postural defect?

A. Club foot     B. Flat foot     C. Kyphosis     D. Leprosy     E. Scoliosis
[ Basic Science ]

Which of these is NOT an example of contact force?

A. Frictional force     B. Magnetic force     C. Pull     D. Push     E. Tension
[ Computer Studies ]

What are the two common input devices?

I. fax    II. keyboard    III. monitor    IV. mouse     V. USB

A. I and V     B. IV and V     C. III and V     D. IV and III     E. II and IV

[ Basic Science ]

The system shown in the diagram below is applied to make lifting of water from a well easy. This system is an example of a/an ___

A. inclined plane     B. lever     C. pulley     D. screw jack     E. wheel and axle
[ Physical and Health Education ]

The following are causes of handicap conditions EXCEPT _____

A. accident     B. diseases     C. exercise     D. heredity     E. malnutrition
[ Computer Studies ]

A calculator is an example of ___

A. analog device     B. analytic device     C. digital device     D. mechanical device    E. mini device.

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