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[Agricultural Science]

Which of the following is a piercing and sucking insect?

A. Aphid    B. Grasshopper    C. Locust    D. Termite    E. Weevil

[Agricultural Science]

Which of the following will prevent the spread of animal diseases from one county to another?

A. Breeding resistant specie.
B. Good nutrition.
C. Proper sanitation.
D. Quarantine services.
E. Regular vaccination.

[Home Economics]

A household budget could be influenced by ____

A. business of the family
B. family income
C. finances.
D. number of people in the household.
E. tasks to be accomplished.

[Home Economics]

One of these characteristics is NOT common to both adolescent boys and girls

A. Become self-conscious.
B. Feel hungry easily.
C. Have emotional changes.
D. Protruding stomach.
E. Start being attracted to the opposite sex.

[Home Economics]

The effective way of preserving beans is by _____

A. canning   B. freezing   C. frying   D. smoking    E. sun drying

[Home Economics]

Which of these is NOT a part of sewing machine?

A. Balance wheel   B. Feed plate   C. Pressure screw   D. Shuttle case  E. Thimble.

[Home Economics]

All of the following belong to the same group EXCEPT

A. dermis   B. iris   C. lens   D. pupil  E. retina.

[Home Economics]

Using the family resources to meet the family needs or goals is referred to as ______

A. expenses management.
B. goal management
C. home management.
D. need management.
E. resource use.

[Home Economics]

Which of these is NOT a condition that makes bottle feeding very necessary for an infant? When

A. mother cannot produce enough milk.
B. mother is sick.
C. mother is working full-time outside the home.
D. mother wants to maintain her body shape.
E. there are multiple births e.g. twins.

[Home Economics]

At post-natal check-up, the following are examined EXCEPT

A. baby’s heart beat   B. baby’s weight  C. mothers blood pressure.  D. mother’s height   E. mother’s weight

[Agricultural Science]

The act of leaving a piece of land for one or more seasons is known as ____

A. cover cropping   B. crop rotation.  C. fallowing   D. fertilization   E. manuring

[Home Economics]

Which of the following fastenings is used on openings without a wrap?

A. Buttons and buttonholes.
B. Buttons and loops.
C. Eyelets and cords.
D. Press studs
E. Zips

[Agricultural Science]

The part labeled B is the _______

A. base   B. blade    C. handle    D. plate   E. prong

[Agricultural Science]

The downward movement of water is faster in ______soil.

A. clay   B. fine silt   C. loamy   D. sand  E. silt.

[Agricultural Science]

The diagram above is called _____

A. barn   B. bin   C. crib   D. rhumbus  E. silo.

[Home Economics]

U.N.I.C.E.F usually helps to provide for the nutritional welfare of all of these EXCEPT

A. adult   B. infants   C. pre-school children   D. school children   E. toddlers

[Home Economics]

What does ‘A’ represent?

A. Broken lines   B. Diamond shape   C. Place on fold   D. Side seam  E. Triangular perforation.

[Home Economics]

Stains on clothes should be removed _____

A. any time
B. as soon as they occur
C. days after they occured.
D. in the night.
E. one day after occurrence.

[Agricultural Science]

The main function of a harrow is to ____

A. break soil and bury weeds.
B. break up soil into smaller pieces.
C. bury weeds and their seeds.
D. make long heaps.
E. make ridges before planting.

[Home Economics]

Which of these is NOT a type of facing?

A. Crossway   B. Edge stitch   C. Extended  D. Shaped   E. Straight

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