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[ Civic Education ]

The constitution that brought the North and Southern Nigeria together under one legislative council was the ____ constitution.

A. 1922 Clifford
B. 1946 Richard
C. 1951 Macpherson
D. 1954 Lyttleton
E. 1979 constitution.
[ Civic Education ]

The instrument for sharing the centrally generated revenue among the three tiers of government in Nigeria is called ___

A. derivation formula.
B. loan and services.
C. money lending formula.
D. revenue mobilization.
E. the revenue allocation formula.
[ Civic Education ]

Negative behaviour in the society are all of these EXCEPT ____

A. child trafficking
B. contentment
C. disregard for constituted authority
D. envy
E. excessive love for money
[ Social Studies ]

Which of the following is NOT a means of communication?

A. Letter writing    B. Newspaper    C. Telephone    D. Television   E. Typewriter.
[ Social Studies ]

Which of the following can be found in the desert?

A. Lagoon      B. Lake      C. Oasis      D. Ocean     E. Sea.
[ Social Studies ]

The qualitative and quantitative increase of goods and services produced in a country over a year is called ____

A. development   B. growth    C. improvement   D. industralisation    E. progression
[ Civic Education ]

Respect for the constituted authority is referred to as ____

A. loyalty    B. nationalism    C. obedience   D. patriotism    E. responsibility
[ Civic Education ]

One of the following does NOT belong to the economic right of the citizen, right to _____

A. gainful employment.
B. move from one occupation to another.
C. participate in the political process of the nation.
D. pursue legitimate means of earning a living.
E. transact legitimate business.
[ Civic Education ]

In Nigeria the last census was conducted in _____

A. 1999    B. 2003    C. 2006    D. 2007   E. 2011.
[ Civic Education ]

The only naira note that has no picture of a hero on it is _____ note.

A. N50   B. N100    C. N200    D. N500   E. N1000
[ Social Studies ]

CONAKRY is the capital of which country?

A. Algeria    B. Cameroon    C. Guinea    D. Togo     E. Uganda
[ Social Studies ]

The Interim National Government was formed in Nigeria on the ______

A. 25th Aug., 1993
B. 26th Aug., 1993
C. 28th Aug. 1993
D. 29th Aug., 1993
E. 30th Aug., 1993.
[ Social Studies ]

The senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria consists of ____ senators.

A. 109      B. 125      C. 130      D. 156      E. 360
[ Social Studies ]

The new national anthem of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was adopted in

A. 1960    B. 1963    C. 1975    D. 1976   E. 1978.
[ Social Studies ]

The process of acquiring acceptable values, skills, attitudes and knowledge in the society is known as _____

A. institution
B. social behaviour
C. social grouping
D. socialization
E. stratification.
[ Social Studies ]

Drug trafficking can be curbed by the following ways EXCEPT _____

A. early marriage
B. education
C. international co-operation.
D. legislation
E. poverty alleviation
[ Social Studies ]

Positive social changes can be achieved through the following EXCEPT ______

A. communication   B. education   C. marriage    D. discrimination    E. urbanization.
[ Civic Education ]

A form of government made up of the people organized by the people and administered in the interest of the people is called ____

A. Commission
B. Democracy
C. Oligarchy
D. Socialism
E. Totalitarianism
[ Civic Education ]

The outcome of good values brings about the following EXCEPT ____

A. conflict
B. co-operation
C. development
D. harmony
E. unity
[ Civic Education ]

The legislature of a federal system of government is usually ______

A. bicameral    B. flexible    C. multi-cameral   D. rigid    E. unicameral

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