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[Civic Education]

To ensure orderliness in public place, citizens should

A. be abusive
B. be punctual
C. join the queue.
D. take turns for their friends.
E. wear expensive perfumes.

[Civic Education]

Which of the following is NOT a civic obligation?

A. Freedom of conscience and religion.
B. Obedience of law.
C. Payment of taxes.
D. Respect for the national flag.
E. Voting during election.

[Social Studies]

The qualitative and quantitative increase of goods and services produced in a country over a year is called ____

A. development   B. growth    C. improvement   D. industralisation    E. progression

[Social Studies]

Fire outbreak in the home could be as a result of ______

A. non-payment of electrical bill.
B. proper use of electrical appliance.
C. purchase of new appliance.
D. regular maintenance of appliance.
E. unplugging of electrical appliance after use.

[Social Studies]

Social Studies can BEST be defined as the ______

A. comprehensive study of man within his total environment
B. study of earth as the home of man.
C. study of man and his physical environment only.
D. study of man and the nine planets.
E. study of the relationship between man and other social groups.

[Social Studies]

Folktales are very important because they teach ___

A. modern politics
B. morals
C. science
D. science and technology
E. technology

[Social Studies]

The N.Y.S.C scheme was introduced in 1973 by _____

A. Alhaji Shehu Shagari.
B. General lbrahim Babangida.
C. General Murtala Mohammed.
D. General Olusegun Obasanjo.
E. General Yakubu Gowon.

[Civic Education]

The only naira note that has no picture of a hero on it is _____ note.

A. N50   B. N100    C. N200    D. N500   E. N1000

[Civic Education]

All these groups assist in protecting the human rights of citizen EXCEPT ____

A. civil society   
B. legal aid council   
C. para-military services   
D. student union     
E. trade union.

[Social Studies]

A place where people go to browse on the internet is called

A. cyber café   B. library   C. museum   D. saloon   E. typing pool

[Social Studies]

The following are objectives of Social Studies EXCEPT ____

A. developing national consciousness in students.
B. developing the ability to adapt to the changing environment.
C. helping students to understand the diverse cultures and peoples of the world.
D. inculcating the spirit of cultural superiority over another.
E. inculcating the types of social values.

[Civic Education]

A representative government can be formed through ____

A. appointment    B. coup    C. election    D. nomination    E. selection

[Social Studies]

Which of these is NOT a component of Agriculture?

A. Cropping    B. Mechanisation    C. Fishing   D. Livestock   E. Dredging

[Civic Education]

Which of the following is NOT an agent of political socialization?

A. Family    B. Mass media    C. Peer group   D. Tourism   E. University

[Civic Education]

Negative behaviour in the society are all of these EXCEPT ____

A. child trafficking
B. contentment
C. disregard for constituted authority
D. envy
E. excessive love for money

[Social Studies]

Which of the following is a reason why cattle are moved from the highland to lowland areas during the dry season? To _____

A. avoid harsh weather.
B. avoid tsetse flies
C. destroy crops
D. get medical treatment
E. look for greener pasture and water.

[Civic Education]

The following ways will assist government to reduce illiteracy in the society EXCEPT ____

A. establishment of adult education centres.
B. establishment of schools in the rural areas.
C. making education compulsory from primary to secondary.
D. recruitment of unqualified teachers.
E. voting more funds to education sector.

[Civic Education]

For Nigeria to have a free and fair election all forms of _____ must be stopped.

A. electoral laws
B. electoral malpractice
C. electoral process.
D. kidnapping
E. registration of eligible voters.

[Civic Education]

Performing our duties brings about  ______

A. civil war    B. conflict    C. co-operation   D. destruction    E. progress

[Social Studies]

The military coup of General Ibrahim Babangida took place on the ______

A. 23rd August, 1982
B. 23rd August, 1984
C. 27th August, 1988
D. 23rd August, 1986
E. 23rd August, 1987.

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