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[ FIQH ]

Islam is a religion of _____

A. power    B. people    C. peace    D. preachers   E. pardoner

Kindness to parent is ____

A. halaJ    B. jaiz    C. makruh    D. mandub   E. wajib.

The saying, action and silent approval of Prophet (SAW) is referred to as ____

A. Hadith   B. ljtihad   C. ljma   D. Qiyas  E. Qur’an.
[ QUR’AN ]

Surah-al-Nasr was revealed in ____

A. Madinah    B. Makkah    C. Misrah   D. Sham    E. Yemen

Hadith consists of_____ major parts.

A. two   B. three   C. four   D. five   E. six

All of the following are Sahabah EXCEPT _____

A. Abu Bakr    B. Aliyu    C. Malik   D. Mu’awìyah    E. Zayd

Purification is a must before _____

A. eating   B. sleeping    C. praying   D. reading   E. drinking

Who breastfed the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) among the following?

A. Hafsah    B. Halimah    C. Khadijah    D. Nafisah    E. Zaynab
[ QUR’AN ]

How many verses were revealed in the first revelation?

A. Five   B. Four   C. Three   D. Two   E. One

Al-Akhir means the _____

A. Beginner    B. Middle    C. Selector   D. Last    E. Powerful
[ FIQH ]

Congregational prayer is recommended upon ______

A. adult   B. child   C. female   D. insane  E. stave.

Which of the following ¡s NOT part of the group?

A. Abu Dawud
B. Abu Hurayrah
C. Bukhari
D. Muslim
E. Tirmidhi

The first place where Angel Jibril met Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was _____

A. Badr   B. Hira    C. Ka’abah    D. Thaur    E. Uhud

Isnad literally means _____

A. chain   B. collectors   C. teaching  D. text    E. transmitters
[ FIQH ]

All pilgrims must wear their ihram before saying _____

A. Allah u Akbar
B. Lailaha ills Allah
C. Taibiyah
D. iqamah
E. Sami’ Ailahu liman hamidah.
[ QUR’AN ]

Surah al-ikhlas consists of_____ ayah.

A. two    B. three     C. four    D. five    E. six
[ QUR’AN ]

Which of the following does NOT belong to the Surah?

A. Bridhini rabbihim min Kulli amr
B. Alla hu-al Samad.
C. Laylatul Qadr Khayrun min alfi shahr.
D. Tanazzalul mala ‘ikatu waruhu fiha.
E. Wama adraka ma laylatul Qadr.

The number of Prophets mentioned in Al-Qur’an are _____

A. ten    B. fifteen    C. twenty    D. twenty-five   E. thirty.
[ FIQH ]

Purification simply means ____

A. Nikah   B. Salah    C. Sawm    D. Taharah   E. Wudu.

The fornicator should be punished by giving ______lashes. .

A. fifty   B. seventy    C. eighty    D. hundred   E. two hundred.

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