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[ Comprehension ]
Read the passages below and answer the question that follow by choosing the most appropriate of the options lettered A — E


Saliva is a known fluid produced from human mouth. It keeps the body from various diseases. Saliva is produced by three major glands: the parotid gland, the gland sub-lingual and the submandibular gland.

Saliva keeps our mouth moist and comfortable. It helps us to chew, taste and swallow. It contains polin, which is a protein that protects tooth enamel, it also contains minerals that help the tooth remineralization process. The production of saliva in the mouth can also help to clean the dirt in-between our teeth. It also contains antibacterial substances that can prevent bacteria in our mouth. It contains antibodies and antimicrobial compounds.

Wounds on the inner cheeks and gums heal faster than wounds on the outer body because of the presence of protein in saliva that helps form new blood vessels. It is also the reason why animals lick their wounds.

The content of detergent in toothpaste can damage the quality of saliva and make the mouth dry as well as damage the sense of taste. That is why the flavour of food turns out to be bitter and bland shortly after brushing our teeth with a toothpaste that contains detergent.

We should therefore avoid brushing our teeth immediately after meal.

Adapted from Sporting Sun.

Which of these is not the function of saliva in human body?

A. it keeps the mouth moist. 
B. it makes us sleep well. 
C. it protects the tooth enamel. 
D. Saliva helps us to chew our food. 
E. Saliva prevents diseases.
[ Comprehension ]

According to the passage, wounds on the inner cheeks and gums heal faster than those on the outer body because saliva_______

A. contains antibodies. 
B. contains minerals. 
C. contains proteins that help to form new blood vessels. 
D. helps to clean dirt in-between our teeth. 
E. prevents bacteria
[ Comprehension ]

Brushing our teeth with a toothpaste that contains detergent can ______

A. damage our vessels. 
B. heal our wounds faster. 
C. injure our gums. 
D. make us lose sense of taste. 
E. prevent mouth odour.
[ Comprehension ]

The most suitable title for this passage could be ______

A. The Danger of Brushing our Teeth. 
B. The Effect of Detergent in Toothpaste. 
C. The Production of Saliva in the Mouth. 
D. The Relevance of Saliva. 
E. Why Animals Lick their Wounds.
[ Comprehension ]

Which of these words can replace ‘fluid’ as used in the first paragraph?

A. chemical  B. element  C. gas  D. liquid  E. organ
[ Comprehension ]

Read the passages below and answer the question that follow by choosing the most appropriate of the options lettered A — E


A right female whale can be as long as 16 meters long, about the size of an articulated bus, and weighs up to 80 tons! Its massive body is generally black, sometimes with white patches on the belly. The head is enormous, a quarter of the entire body length. The mouth is long and arched. The right female whale has no dorsal fin as do some other species. To swim forward, it flexes its broad and deeply notched tail up and down, instead of side to side as fish do. To change direction, it moves its flippers similar to the way an airplane is steered.

Curiously, despite their immense proportions, right whales have considerable flexibility, performing some amazing acrobatics. You can see them sailing, the tail sticking out of water for long periods; lobtailing, raising the tail and slapping the water hard; and breaching, thrusting themselves out of water and then falling back with a great splash that can be seen from far away.

Adapted from Awake

The right whale changes direction using its _____

A. belly.  B. dorsal fins.  C. flippers.  D. mouth.  E. tail.
[ Comprehension ]

Which of the following is not true about a right female whale?

A. It has a long and arched mouth. 
B. It has considerable flexibility for performing acrobatics.  C. It has dorsal fin. 
D. It is generally black. 
E. It weighs up to 80 tons
[ Comprehension ]

Give another word for ‘enormous’ as used in the passage.

A. common  B. flat  C. large   D. small   E. unusual
[ Comprehension ]

The right whale uses its ____to swim.

A. body length  B. dorsal fin  C. flippers  D. mouth  E. tail
[ Comprehension ]

Which figure of speech is used in the expression “A right female whale can be as long as . ..“?

A. Alliteration  B. Hyperbole  C. Metaphor  D. Personification  E. Simile
[ Vocabulary Development ]

Complete the question with the most appropriate of the options lettered A — E

The council of elders was present at the _____ of the new king.

A. coronation  B. enrolment  C. induction  D. ordination  E. swearing-in
[ Vocabulary Development ]

Nigeria is rich in solid _____

A. bitumen.     B. block.     C. minerals.    D. mines.    E. particles.
[ Vocabulary Development ]

It is advisable to ____ money ____ the bank for safe-keeping.

A. deposit/in    B. donate/to    C. keep/with    D. put/in     E. withdraw/from
[ Vocabulary Development ]

As an advertiser, I always decide on the most suitable medium to reach my target ________

A. audience.    B. congregation.    C. crowd.    D. fans.    E. spectators.
[ Vocabulary Development ]

The _____ that used to supply newspapers to our office has left the town.

A. dealer    B. editor    C. printer    D. trader    E. vendor
[ Vocabulary Development ]

The current law on human trafficking was _____ by the 8th National Assembly.

A. annulled    B. composed    C. created    D. enacted    E. imposed
[ Vocabulary Development ]

The hospital _______ is now stocked with enough drugs.

A. ambulance    B. laboratory    C. pharmacy    D. theatre    E. ward
[ Vocabulary Development ]

The insurance company paid him a ______ of one million naira for the loss of his car.

A. bonus    B. compensation    C. discount    D. dividend   E. premium
[ Vocabulary Development ]

Most books kept on the _____in the library are foreign.

A. catalogue    B. cupboards    C. drawers    D. guide   E. shelves
[ Vocabulary Development ]

Mr. Williams’____ was written by his friend.

A. autobiography    B. biography    C. brief    D. history    E. story
[ Vocabulary Development ]

The judge _____ the case for lack of merit.

A. adjourned    B. annulled    C. cancelled    D. dismissed    E. disqualified
[ Vocabulary Development ]

Poetry is the most interesting of the three _____ of literature.

A. genres   B. parts    C. sections    D. segments    E. units
[ Vocabulary Development ]

The plane ______ along the runway before taking off.

A. cruised   B. ran   C. sped   D. taxied   E. wheeled
[ Vocabulary Development ]

Joan bought some kitchen _______ recently.

A. equipment   B. items   C. objects   D. tools   E. utensils
[ Vocabulary Development ]

The ____ rights of any citizen should not be infringed upon.

A. fundamental   B. negotiated   C. privileged   D. reserved   E. respected
[ Vocabulary Development ]

In the passage below, the gap(s) indicate missing words. Five options are offered lettered A-E. Fill each gap with the most appropriate of the options.

Nigeria was a _____ of Great _____. (2 marks)

A. colony, Britain
B. district, America
C. kingdom, Australia
D. part, China
E. region, Japan
[ Vocabulary Development ]

The —— of England was the —— of the Nigerian state. (2 marks)

A. Chancellor, Administrator
B. Emperor, Governor
C. King, Minister
D. Mayor, President
E. Queen, Head
[ Vocabulary Development ]

We had a Governor-General who —— the Queen.

A. controlled  B. enthroned  C. informed  D. represented  E. resembled
[ Vocabulary Development ]

There was a _____ who was the head of the government but the Governor-General must approve all the ____ made by the government.

A. consul general, commandments
B. director - general, constitution
C. main minister, orders
D. president, statements
E. prime minister, laws
[ Vocabulary Development ]

________ was the seat of the government.

A. Abuja    B. Benin-city    C. Calabar    D. Kano    E. Lagos
[ Vocabulary Development ]

The ____ was in Lagos. But all that has changed.

A. Assembly   B. Chamber   C. Court   D. Parliament   E. Port
[ Vocabulary Development ]

Nigeria is now an ------ state.

A. empowered  B. independent   C. island   D. isolated   E. organised
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

Complete the question with the most appropriate of the options lettered A-E.

As a team, we need ____ efforts to win the trophy.

A. each other’s   B. everybody   C. everyones   D. one another’s   E. oneself
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

As a team, we need ____ efforts to win the trophy.

A. each other’s   B. everybody   C. everyones   D. one another’s   E. oneself
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

The customer left the store without buying anything ______ the price of the goods was too expensive.

A. as      B. if      C. provided       D. so       E. then
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

Tolu lost his golden pen ____ he has found it now.

A. and    B. but    C. so    D. therefore    E. yet
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

The turn-up of participants at the programme was poor because the timing _____ not conducive.

A. are    B. had been    C. is    D. was    E. were
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

The pupils were instructed to wait under the shade ____ the rain stops.

A. because    B. so    C. unless    D. until    E. while
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

They did the work ______

A. ourself.    B. ourselves.    C. their selves.    D. themselves.    E. yourself.
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

______ would like to finish the renovation ourselves before Christmas.

A. He    B. I    C. They    D. We    E. You
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

My brother plans to study ____ at the university.

A. pcyschology    B. psychology    C. pysehology    D. scyhology    E. sychology
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

The principal encouraged the students to study hard _____ the examination.

A. at   B. for    C. in   D. on   E. over
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

The teacher and the parents _____ meeting later today.

A. can be   B. is   C. was   D. were   E. will be
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

“_____ are the boys that waylaid me” said the little girl.

A. Some   B. That   C. Them   D. This   E. Those
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

Tolu and Wunmi could not kill the rat because it escaped ______ the rear door.

A. at    B. by    C. from    D. in    E. on
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

You need to be careful while walking on the tiles _____ you slip.

A. and    B. lest    C. then    D. when    E. while
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

The man with his wife ____ coming to visit the family today.

A. are   B. have being    C. is    D. was   E. were
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

He has been waiting for this day, ____ he?

A. aren’t   B. hasn’t   C. isn’t   D. mustn’t   E. wasn’t
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

Neither Mary ______ Racheal knows the way home.

A. and    B. but    C. nor    D. or   E. with
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

He arrived the assembly ground _____ they began to sing the National Anthem.

A. as soon as   B. despite   C. in as much as   D. nevertheless   E. not withstanding
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

The candidate _____ the election with a simple majority.

A. has win   B. have won   C. win   D. wins   E. won
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

The student failed the examination because he _____ went to school.

A. always  B. frequently  C. rarely  D. regularly  E. usually
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

The sentence, ‘She is preparing the meal’ rewritten in passive voice becomes, ‘The meal ____ by her.

A. has been prepared 
B. is been prepared 
C. is being prepared 
D. was been  prepared 
E. was being prepared
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

The men were paid ____ their work.

A. for   B. in   C. on   D. over   E. upon
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

There was a roadblock _____ the junction.

A. at    B. for    C. in    D. on    E. over
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

Series of_______ were made during the Trade Union congress.

A. reccomendations
B. reccominendations
C. reeomendatjons
D. recommecjetjons
E. recommendations
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

The sentence, “I have sewn the dress,” said the seamstress, rewritten in the indirect speech form becomes, The seamstress said that she _____ the cloth.

A. had sewn   B. has being sewing   C. has sewn    D. have sewn   E. is sewing
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

The police officer ordered the driver to pull _____ for a thorough check.

A. away    B. in    C. out   D. over   E. through
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

The bus _____ dirty water all over James last week.

A. is splashing   B. splash   C. splashed   D. splashes   E. was splashing
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

Jumai was so terrified ____ she shivered for a while.

A. and  B. for   C. so   D. that   E. when
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

They are coming, ____ they?

A. are   B. aren’t   C. could   D. do   E. should
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

The word ‘Africa’ will take the suffix ____ to form a new word.

A. _ed    B. _ish    C. _n    D. _s    E. _th
[ Grammatical Accuracy ]

The statement, “The guest speaker is addressing the students on choice of career”, rewritten in the passive form becomes, The students _____ addressed by the guest speaker on choice of career.

A. are being  B. had been   C. have been   D. was being   E. were being
[ Spoken English ]

Choose from the options lettered A —E, the one that contains the given phonetic symbol


A. chin    B. gin    C. leash D. mass   E. ridges
[ Spoken English ]


A. ladder   B. thee   C. there   D. thought   E. worthy
[ Spoken English ]


A. bin    B. check    C. knit    D. reach    E. sell
[ Spoken English ]


A. card   B. glad   C. hawk   D. pat   E. watch
[ Spoken English ]


A. hand   B. rank   C. sign   D. sun   E. tin
[ Spoken English ]


A. heir   B. honest   C. honour   D. hour   E. house
[ Spoken English ]


A. coil   B. court    C. floor   D. pot   E. saw
[ Spoken English ]


A. blue    B. call    C. low    D. now    E. tour
[ Spoken English ]


A. listen    B. smith    C. thin    D. thy   E. tree
[ Spoken English ]


A. diaphragm   B. phrase    C. pneumonia   D. slap   E. sphere
[ Spoken English ]


A. calf    B. great    C. laugh    D. march    E. train
[ Spoken English ]


A. born    B. bun    C. cart    D. cot    E. start
[ Spoken English ]


A. is    B. niece    C. razor    D. was    E. zinc
[ Spoken English ]


A. gem    B. gnat    C. gnash    D. go    E. reign
[ Spoken English ]


A. bishop    B. catch    C. measure    D. say    E. sect

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