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[ Arts and Crafts ]

Which of these is not a property of colour?

A. Chrome  B. Hue  C. Intensity  D. Monochrome  E. Value
[ Music ]

Which of the following refers to the ‘quality of sound’?

A. Dance    B. Duration    C. Pitch    D. Rhythm    E. Timbre
[ Music ]

Identify the space with the asterisk.

A. C     
B. D
C. E
D. F
E. G
[ Customs, Traditions and Patriotism ]

Under which regime was Standards Organisation of Nigeria established?

A. Ibrahim Babangida   
B. Murtala Muhammed   
C. Olusegun Obasanjo 
D. Sani Abacha 
E. Yakubu Gowon
[ Arts and Crafts ]

The space marked “S” in the diagram above is

A. light   B. shade.   C. shadow.    D. tint.   E. tone.
[ Music ]

How many parts make a duet?

A. 2    B. 3    C. 4    D. 5    E. 6
[ Customs, Traditions and Patriotism ]

Bronze making is prominent in ____

A. Asaba.  B. Awka.   C. Benin.   D. Okrika.   E. Otoke.
[ Arts and Crafts ]

Pictorial painting can be done on canvas with ______

A. chalk.   B. charcoal.   C. oil colour.   D. pencil.   E. poster colour.
[ Arts and Crafts ]

Expression through Line representation is known as _____ drawing.

A. figure    B. imaginative   C. landscape   D. match-stick   E. still—life
[ Arts and Crafts ]

Cire-perdue is predominant in ______

A. Benin.    B. Esie.    C. Ikot- Ekpene.   D. Ile-Ife.    E. Owo.
[ Arts and Crafts ]

Which of these materials is used in reducing clay shrinkage?

A. Glaze   B. Grease   C. Grog   D. Sand   E. Tinner
[ Drama ]

The Greek god associated with the origin of drama is _____

A. Apollo.    B. Ares.    C. Athena.    D. Dionysus.   E. Hermes.
[ Arts and Crafts ]

Motifs can be derived from the following EXCEPT

A. animal.    B. bird.    C. flower.    D. fruit    E. water.
[ Dance ]

A popular Nigerian dancer is ____

A. Arnold Udoka.   B. Peter Okoye.   C. Raymond Obaji.   D. Sunny Ade.   E. Yemi Made.
[ Music ]

How many musical letters do we have?

A. 5    B. 6     C. 7    D. 8    E. 9
[ Drama ]

The smallest unit in a play is called ___

A. act.    B. episode.    C. part.    D. scene.    E. stage.
[ Dance ]

Ohafia warrior dance is popular in ____ state.

A. Abia    B. Akwa Ibom    C. Cross River    D. Ebonyi    E. Imo
[ Arts and Crafts ]

The Abuja pottery centre is named after ______

A. Ben Enwonwu.  B. Bruce Onobrakpeya.   C. Ladi Kwali.   D. Laniidi Fakeye.   E. Uche Okeke.
[ Music ]

Which of these statements is correct about playing F on the recorder? Cover back hole and ______

A. all holes. 
B. any four holes.   
C. four holes from the bottom.   
D. four holes from the top.   
E. three holes from the top.
[ Customs, Traditions and Patriotism ]

Which of the following is a function of Standards Organisation of Nigeria?

A. Burning of fake and expired drugs
B. Enforcing drugs laws
C. Investigating the processing condition of food
D. Seizing of unregistered and counterfeit drugs
E. Working beyond borders to stifle drug activities.

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