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[Arts and Crafts]

The standard measurement in figure drawing is ______

A. foot    B. hand.    C. head.    D. limb.   E. palm.


“Adagio” means

A. back.   B. end.    C. fast.    D. slow.    E. start.


Identify the cadence V - I.

A. Deceptive    B. Imperfect    C. Interrupted    D. Perfect    E. Plagal

[Customs, Traditions and Patriotism]

The total way of life of a people is their _______

A. culture.  B. norm.  C. religion.  D. trait.  E. value.

[Customs, Traditions and Patriotism]

The qualification to own the Nigerian passport is by ______

A. age.    B. citizenship.    C. education.   D. party.   E. wealth

[Customs, Traditions and Patriotism]

Egungun festival is associated with the Yorubas while new yam festival is __

A. Efiks.   B. Hausas.   C. Igbos.   D. Ijaws.   E. Tivs.

[Arts and Crafts]

Which of the following is used as a unit of measurement in figure drawing?

A. Hand   B. Head   C. Leg   D. Palm   E. Toe


Identify the clef below.

A. C
B. D
C. E
D. F
E. G


Climax is the ____point of events in a play.

A. funniest   B. happiest   C. highest   D. lowest   E. saddest


On which line of the staff does the stem of a note points either up or down?

A. 1    B. 2    C. 3    D. 4    E. 5

[Arts and Crafts]

Which of the following materials is related to knitting?

A. Colour   B. Form   C. Leather   D. Paper   E. Yarn


Ohafia warrior dance is popular in ____ state.

A. Abia    B. Akwa Ibom    C. Cross River    D. Ebonyi    E. Imo

[Arts and Crafts]

Legibility in lettering means ___

A. boldness.   B. colourful.   C. fascinating.   D. spacing.   E. style.


Dramatis personae destroyed by forces beyond their control are ____ characters.

A. foil   B. round   C. tragic   D. unfortunate   E. villain

[Arts and Crafts]

Which of the following is not a two dimensional art?

A. Drawing   B. Graphics   C. Painting   D. Sculpture   E. Textile

[Customs, Traditions and Patriotism]

The use of counterfeit drugs leads to ______

A. death.   B. high birth rate.   C. imprisonment    D. poverty.   E. sound health.

[Arts and Crafts]

The following techniques can be used in pottery making EXCEPT

A. coiling.  B. hand building.  C. pinching.   D. smudging.  E. throwing.


Music is used for the following EXCEPT

A. advertisement.   B. enlightenment.   C. fighting.   D. lullaby.   E. relaxation.

[Arts and Crafts]

The following materials are needed in pattern making EXCEPT

A. cardboard paper.    B. foam.   C. hammer.    D. poster colour.   E. scissors.


Which of the following is included in non-percussive instrument?

A. Band   B. Drum   C. Gong   D. Tambourine   E. Violin

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