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[ New Testament ]

After healing ___ leapers, only one came back to appreciate Jesus.

A. 5    B. 7    C. 9    D. 10    E. 14
[ New Testament ]

The first trade Jesus learnt as a young man from his early father was ___

A. building    B. carpentry    C. fishing    D. preaching    E. singing
[ New Testament ]

The disciple that cut off the ear of one of the king’s servants during Jesus’ arrest was _____

A. Bartholomew    B. Judas    C. Matthew   D. Peter    E. Philip
[ New Testament ]

Which of the following parables did Jesus teach about watchfulness’?

A. Good Samaritan
B. Lost sheep
C. Prodigal son
D. Talent
E. Ten virgins
[ Old Testament ]

Reconciliation is complete when one _____

A. accepts his fault when pointed out.
B. asks for forgiveness when he sins.
C. humbles himself to confess his sins.
D. receives total forgiveness and acceptance.
E. shows sorrow in repentance.
[ New Testament ]

To bring together civil right groups to fight against racial discrimination in America, Martin Luther King helped to establish the Southern Christian Leadership Congress (SCLC) in the year ___

A. 1925   B. 1948    C. 1951    D. 1954   E. 1957
[ New Testament ]

Peter healed the cripple at the beautiful gate with the Holy Ghost power in the name of ____

A. God    B. Jesus Christ     C. John    D. Silver and gold   
E. the father
[ New Testament ]

Before Jesus started his ministry he fasted for ___ days and nights.

A. 3   B. 7    C. 14    D. 21    E. 40
[ Old Testament ]

The major effect of sin on man is that it ______

A. makes man wicked.
B. makes man upright.
C. makes man wealthy.
D. opens man’s eyes.
E. separates mar from God.
[ Old Testament ]

Christians can live peacefully with people of other religions because Christianity teaches _____

A. faith     B. honesty     C. humility    D. kindness     E. love
[ New Testament ]

After the resurrection, Jesus commanded his apostles to establish Christianity throughout the whole world beginning from ____

A. Antioch    B. Damascus    C. Jerusalem   D. Judah    E. Samaria
[ New Testament ]

Paul and Silas were imprisoned when Paul cured a slave girl with a spirit of divination in the town of ____

A. Derbe    B. Galatia     C. Lystra     D. Philippi    E. Samothrace.
[ Old Testament ]

Our relationship with God improves when we _____

A. become classmates.
B. disobey our parents and teachers.
C. establish good relationship with one another.
D. join the same society.
E. quarrel with those around us.
[ Old Testament ]

The two main types of families that exist in Nigeria are

A. Christian and Muslim.
B. extended and monogamous.
C. monogamous and polygamous.
D. nuclear and extended.
E. polyandry and monogamous.
[ Old Testament ]

Every male throughout your generations, whether born in your house or bought with your money from any foreigner who is not of your offspring...” this statement was made to Abraham by God ______

A. as a rule binding on all mankind.
B. as a sign of Gods covenant with Abraham.
C. to mark His honour for Abraham and his descendants.
D. to show willingness of God to forgive sin.
E. to test Abraham’s faith.
[ New Testament ]

Jesus had his early childhood in the city of

A. Bethlehem     B. Egypt     C. Galilee    D. Judah    E. Nazareth
[ Old Testament ]

From the story of Cain and Abel, the major cause of sin was _____

A. anger    B. envy     C. favoritism    D. hatred    E. judgement
[ Old Testament ]

How many times was Jesus tempted in the wilderness?

A. 1   B. 2    C. 3    D. 4    E. 5
[ Old Testament ]

Add “By myself I have sworn, said the Lord, because you have done this and have not withheld your son.. .your only son I will indeed bless you and multiply your descendants.”

This statement was made to ____

A. Abraham     B. Isaac     C. Jacob     D. Joseph    E. Joshua
[ New Testament ]

Moses Ojimolade and Christianah Abiodun founded the _____ church.

A. Madura
B. Assemblies of God
C. Celestial
D. Cherubim and Seraphim
E. Christ Apostolic.

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