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[Old Testament]

God gave the laws to the Israelites on mount _____

A. Ararat     B. Carmel     C. Horeb     D. Sinai     E. Zion.

[New Testament]

The first trade Jesus learnt as a young man from his early father was ___

A. building    B. carpentry    C. fishing    D. preaching    E. singing

[New Testament]

Who was raised from the dead by Moses Orimolade?

A. Christiana Abiodun
B. Christy Adedokun
C. Elizabeth Omikunle
D. lyabo Akinsonde
E. Toyin Abiodun.

[New Testament]

The angel that announced both the births of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ was ____

A. Elias    B. Gabriel     C. Jude    D. Michael    E. Uriel.

[Old Testament]

Our relationship with God improves when we _____

A. become classmates.
B. disobey our parents and teachers.
C. establish good relationship with one another.
D. join the same society.
E. quarrel with those around us.

[New Testament]

Complete this statement, ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit for…..’

A. theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
B. they shall be called the sons of God.
C. they shall be comforted.
D. they shall be satisfied. .
E. they shall see God.

[Old Testament]

The first thing you must do when you have offended someone is to ___

A. admit that you have done wrong.
B. ask for forgiveness.
C. make sure that you are forgiven.
D. pray to God for forgiveness.
E. show remorse in repentance.

[Old Testament]

When we yield to temptation, we ____

A. die    B. encourage others     C. pleased God    D. prosper     E. sin

[New Testament]

“He that is without sin among you let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” Who said this?

A. Jesus
B. Syrophonician woman
C. The Pharisees
D. The Sadducees
E. The Scribes.

[Old Testament]

How would you advise a Christian brother in your school who wants to become a good future leader? To ___

A. be faithful and obedient to his parents and teachers.
B. contest for school prefectship.
C. fast and pray regularly.
D. join a political party from school.
E. start campaigning for future leadership in school.

[Old Testament]

In Egypt, Joseph was tempted in the house of ______

A. David     B. Elijah     C. Jacob    D. Pharaoh     E. Potiphar

[New Testament]

The parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin according to Luke’s gospel stress God’s earnest search for lost ___

A. drunks    B. harlots     C. money    D. sheep    E. sinners.

[New Testament]

The two sisters of Lazarus were ___ and _____

A. Elizabeth and Mary
B. Martha and Hannah.
C. Martha and Martha.
D. Mary and Salome.
E. Sarah and Martha.

[Old Testament]

All these are true about the creation story EXCEPT that _____

A. everything in the world is under authority and control
B. God created the world by His power.
C. God divided the world into nations.
D. God is the king of the whole world.
E. God is the sovereign ruler of the entire universe.

[New Testament]

Which of the following stories reveals God’s continued love and care despite our unfaithfulness?

A. Joseph in prison
B. Lazarus’ death
C. Peter’s denial
D. The lost sheep
E. The ten virgins.

[New Testament]

In which of the following cities was an attempt made to sacrifice to Paul and Barnabas?

A. Athens    B. Derbe     C. Lystra     D. Paphos    E. Perga

[Old Testament]

One of the prophets who announced the coming of the Messiah was prophet ______

A. Amos    B. Hosea     C. Isaiah     D. Malachi    E. Samuel.

[New Testament]

As a sign to the soldiers who arrested Jesus, Judas told them that any man he _____ was the one.

A. embraced    B. kissed    C. shook    D. slapped    E. touched

[New Testament]

The sin that killed Ananias and Sapphira, was _____

A. adultery    B. disobedience     C. late coming     D. lying    E. stealing

[Old Testament]

The following are books of the prophets EXCEPT _____

A. Hosea    B. Isaiah     C. Joel    D. Nahum    E. Nehemiah.

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