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[Basic Science]

A cliff is 825m from a point. How long does it take to hear the echo of sound produced at that point? (Speed of sound in air= 330ms1)

A. 2.5s    B. 3.0s    C. 5.0s    D. 5.5s    E. 6.0s

[Basic Science]

Which of the following is a natural source of energy?

A. Batteries     B. Coal     C. Electric generator     D. Kerosine     E. Petrol

[Basic Science]

When light passes from air to glass _____ takes place.

A. absorption
B. diffraction
C. polarization
D. reflection
E. refraction

[Basic Science]

The constituents of a compound CANNOT be separated by _____

A. chemical means     B. electrolysis     C. heating     D. physical means     E. synthesis

[Computer Studies]

Pick out the odd one out of the following.

A. COBOL     B. Disk Drive     C. Plotter     D. Printer     E. Scanner

[Basic Technology]

The most versatile machine in metal workshop is _____

A. drill
B. grinder
C. lathe
D. miller
E. shaper.

[Physical and Health Education]

Aristotle, Plato and Socrates are great philosophers from ____

A. Africa     B. America     C. Britain     D. Greece     E. Rome.

[Basic Technology]

Which of the following machines is for cutting wood, plastic and metal?

A. Band saw
B. Circular saw
C. Jig saw
D. Planer
E. Sanding

[Basic Technology]

A material that gives off radiation is said to be _____

A. conductive   B. corrosive   C. radioactive  D. reactive   E. resistive

[Basic Science]

The formula for hydrochloric acid is _____

A. H2Cl     B. HCl     C. HCl2     D. HClO3     E. HOCl.

[Computer Studies]

A______ is a unit of information.

A. character   B. database    C. field    D. file    E. record

[Basic Science]

A mixture of salt and sand in water can be separated by

A. crystallization and distillation.
B. evaporation and sublimation.
C. filtration and decantation.
D. filtration and evaporation.
E. filtration and sublimation.

[Computer Studies]

The capacity of a storage device is measured in the following units EXCEPT

A. bit     B. byte     C. decimal     D. nibble    E. word

[Physical and Health Education]

Which of the following is NOT a physical fitness component?

A. Agility      B. Balance      C. Coordination    D. Flexibility     E. Physique

[Basic Technology]

Which of these is NOT a storage device in ICT?

A. Diskette     B. Flash drive     C. Hard disk     D. Keyboard     E. Memory card

[Computer Studies]

What is the full meaning of GSM?

A. Global Safety Movement Communication
B. Global Satellite for Mobile Communication.
C. Global System for Mechanical Computer.
D. Global System for Mobile Communication.
E. Global System for Mobile Computer.

[Basic Technology]

The type of drawing that requires the use of only pencil and drawing paper is called____ drawing.

A. free hand
B. isometric
C. oblique
D. orthographic
E. perspective

[Physical and Health Education]

Which of the following is NOT a locomotor movement?

A. Hopping
B. Pushing
C. Running
D. Skipping
E. Walking

[Physical and Health Education]

The following are values of recreation EXCEPT

A. develop the spirit of sportsmanship.
B. it is survival in nature.
C. judicious use of leisure time.
D. opportunity for the development of sports skills
E. social integration.

[Computer Studies]

The present information age is known as ______

A. early age     B. electronic age     C. jet age     D. mathematics age     E. millennium age

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