UTME/SSCE Government Practice Tests – The Electoral Process

Government Practice Tests – The Electoral Process

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The right of the citizens to vote and be voted for ¡n an election is called ______

A. indirect elections      B. nomination      C. general election      D. franchise

One of the advantages of the simple majority system of voting is that it _______

A. Discourages election malpractices.
B. Gives an accurate result of an election.
C. is very suitable to large countries.
D. is simple and cheap to operate.

Which of the following best describes the concept of enfranchisement? Right _____

A. to campaign for candidates during elections
B. to sue and be sued
C. given to people to vote and be voted for
D. to free expression on political issues

The body responsible for conducting and supervising elections in West African countries is called ______

A. ombudsman B. electoral commission   C. election observers. D. constituent assembly.

A person who exercises franchise performs ______ 

A. an executive function
B. a legal function
C. a civic duty
D. an administrative duty

The right of all eligible citizens to vote and be voted for is referred to as _______

A. gender equality
B. political mandate
C. restricted franchise
D. universal suffrage

Which of the following ¡s a limitation to the application of universal adult suffrage?

A. Sex    B. Property ownership    C. Age    D. Religious belief

The election held within a party to elect party flag bearer in a general election is known as _______

A. primary election    B. run-off election   C. bye-election   D. none above

Which of the following is a function of an electoral commission?

A. Educating the public on economic policies
B. Registration of voters for election.
C. Sharing of political power among parties.
D. Provision of essential services

A type of election in which the voters are asked a yes or no question on a major issue is called ______

A. A by-election.    
B. An indirect election.   
C. An absolute majority.   
D. A referendum.

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