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Civil Servants are recruited, controlled, promoted and disciplined by the _____

A. teaching service
B. public complaints commission
C. public service commission.
D. code of conduct bureau

Local governments are essential because they ______ 

A. encourage division in a country.
B. implement government policies at national levels.
C. make laws for a nation.
D. train local people in the art of governing

The major source of local government revenue is ______

A. donations.
B. income from investments.
C. loans from finance institutions.
D. grants from the central authority

Which of the following is a feature of the civil service?

A. Disloyalty    B. Impartiality    C. Political activism   D. Temporary tenure

The application of sanctions in enforcing decisions and compelling obedience is usually demonstrated through ______

A. authority.    B. duties.    C. obligations.    D. power

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