UTME/SSCE Government Practice Tests – Public Administration

Government Practice Tests – Public Administration

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Which of the following is true of a Public Corporation? It is _____ 

A. established by a bye-law
B. owned by the minister of finance
C. set up to make profit for share holders
D. set up to provide essential services

Public corporations are set up by ______ 

A. a minister    B. a director     C. a permanent secretary     D. an act of parliament

The new Local Government Reforms in Nigeria _______

A. seek to establish uniformity in type, purpose and functions of local authorities
B. make traditional rulers more powerful than ever before
C. are a waste of time and the federal governments money
D. promote unity but allow for some diversity in the structure of local governments

In Nigeria, local governments derive their powers from the ______ 

A. constituent assembly.      B. constitution.    C. legislature.     D. President

A court can declare any action of a local government that is outside its area of jurisdiction as ____ 

A. ultra vires       B. bill of rights       C. certiorari       D. habeas corpus

Which of the following is an advantage of local governments in West Africa? Acting as _____ 

A. agents for money based politics
B. electoral commissions
C. training grounds for political leaders
D. agents of pressure groups

The civil service is divided into departments called ______

A. administration.   B. corporations.    C. labour unions.    D. parastatals

Which of the following is NOT among the functions of the civil service Commission?

A. Training   B. Posting    C. Promotion    D. Recruitment

Measuring public opinion becomes highly expensive when _____ 

A. a referendum is held.
B. public opinion poll is conducted.
C. public debates are held.
D. mass media reports are evaluated

The civil service is an institution for _____ 

A. carrying out private organizational goals.
B. effecting civil society policies.
C. formulating and executing public policies.
D. initiating bureaucratic private agenda

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