UTME/SSCE Government Practice Tests – Colonial Administration in West Africa

Government Practice Tests – Colonial Administration in West Africa

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Which of the following groups was provided for under the French West African Dual Citizenship?

A. Men and Women
B. Muslim and Christians
C. Soldiers and Civilians
D. Citizens and Subjects

The pre-independence political parties in British West Africa were largely concerned about ______ 

A. settling themselves with political offices.
B. prolonged colonialism in Africa
C. adoption of fascism
D. political emancipation Africans

Which of the following was a nationalist organization?  

A. People’s Redemption Organization
B. National Congress of British West Africa
C. West African Peoples League
D. National Council of African People

Which of the following countries popularised the use of the Indirect Rule by the British?  

A. Nigeria     B. Ghana    C. Sierra Leone    D. The Gambia

An important innovation of the constitutions of British West African colonies in the 1920s was the ______ 

A. introduction of elective principle
B. appointment of Africans to the executive councils
C. restriction of the Governor’s veto powers
D. opening of Regional Assemblies

Indirect Rule was successful in some parts of West Africa because ______ 

A. the British tyrannised the people
B. it suited the existing traditional political structure
C. British officials learnt the local languages
D. The residents were good administrators

In the pre-colonial West Africa, the Kingdoms of the Asante, Wolof and the Hausa were examples of a _____ 

A. state    B. union     C. country     D. nation

The policy of Association was introduced in the French Colonies by ______ 

A. Jacques Chirac.     B. Charles De Gaulle.     C. Francois Mitterand    D. Nicholas Sarkozy.

The political parties that were established in West Africa between 1945 and 1965 fought for _____ 

A. national conferences
B. political independence
C. supremacy among themselves
D. regional integration

Some pre-colonial West African governments were democratic because of the existence of ______  

A. powerful traditional rulers
B. age grades
C. religious institutions
D. checks and balances

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