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A yes or no vote cast by electorate to decide an important issue in an area is known as _______ (WASSCE 2010)

A. franchise.      B. plebiscite.      C. electoral college.      D. public opinion

Which of the following is the duty of an Electoral Commission?

A. Adjudicating election petitions
B. Nominating Party candidates
C. Campaigning for candidates
D. Provision of voters register

The arrangement by which a country is divided into parts for election purposes is called ______

A. enfranchisement      B. gerrymandering.     C. delimitation.     D. democratisation

A government that is constituted by several parties after a general election is referred to as _____ 

A. elite government  
B. fascist government
C. illegitimate government
D. national government.

Which of the following does not relate to elections? (WASSCE 2008)

A. Dividing the country into constituencies
B. Registering voters
C. Printing voters’ cards
D. Impeachment of the president

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