Government Practice Test – The Electoral Process

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A person who exercises franchise performs ______ 

A. an executive function
B. a legal function
C. a civic duty
D. an administrative duty

One of the advantages of the simple majority system of voting is that it _______

A. Discourages election malpractices.
B. Gives an accurate result of an election.
C. is very suitable to large countries.
D. is simple and cheap to operate.

The right of the citizens to vote and be voted for ¡n an election is called ______

A. indirect elections      B. nomination      C. general election      D. franchise

Elections among candidates from the same party before the final elections are called _______ (JAMB 1984)

A. running mates      B. electoral colleges      C. party conventions      D. primaries

A yes or no vote cast by electorate to decide an important issue in an area is known as _______ (WASSCE 2010)

A. franchise.      B. plebiscite.      C. electoral college.      D. public opinion


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