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The power to pardon any citizen charged with any criminal offence lies with the _____ 

A. legislature      B. executive      C. human rights organizations      D. judiciary

Which of the following is not a feature of a democratic system of government?  

A. Limited franchise.      B. Official elections.      C. Periodic elections      D. Rule of law

In a fascist regime, the Head of State is ______

A. the royal father.
B. the prime minister
C. the elected monarch.
D. supreme and above the law.

Independence of the judiciary connotes that ______ 

A. judges must be allowed to participate in politics.
B. court judges are free to administer oaths of office.
C. judiciary must not be involved in law-making.
D. judges must be free from any influence

The practice of two or more sovereign states uniting for security and external affairs is called ______ 

A. totalitarianism    B. confederalism    C. republicanism    D. sectionalism

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