Government Practice Tests – Structure and Organisation of Government

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In a classical federal state, residual powers are vested in the ______

A. federal and state governments.
B. federal government.
C. federal and local governments.
D. state governments.


An agreed set of rules prescribing the governance of a country can be called the _____ 

A. constitution    B. charter      C. manifesto      D. hansard


The term Unicameralism means ______ 

A. legislative assemblies.    
B. parliamentary elections.
C. one-chamber parliament.
D. complete absence of parliament


The system of government in which authority is shared between the centre and the component units is called ____

A. unitary system of government
B. feudal system of government
C. federal system of government
D. monarchical system of government


In a cabinet system of government, the ministers are collectively responsible to the _____ 

A. president     B. parliament    C. electorate    D. judiciary


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