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In a parliamentary system of government, the head of government is usually _____ 

A. selected by the Council of State.
B. elected by the Supreme Court
C. the Majority Leader in the Legislature.
D. the Head of State.

The institution through which governments discharge responsibilities is known as ____ 

A. organs of government.
B. pressure groups  
C. political parties.
D. National assembly

The primary function of the executive is to ______ 

A. interpret laws.
B. punish law breakers.
C. make laws.
D. implement government policies

Independence of the judiciary connotes that ______ 

A. judges must be allowed to participate in politics.
B. court judges are free to administer oaths of office.
C. judiciary must not be involved in law-making.
D. judges must be free from any influence

A system in which people contribute for the welfare of their community can be described as ______

A. Communalism.    B. Socialism.     C. Communism.     D. Capitalism

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