Government Practice Test – Public Administration

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The civil service is divided into departments called ______

A. administration.   B. corporations.    C. labour unions.    D. parastatals

All the following are features of the civil service except ______ 

A. anonymity
B. political neutrality and impartiality
C. security of tenure and permanence
D. political maturity and participation

Red-tapism refers to ______

A. excessive use of formalities in administration.
B. cutting of the tape during official ceremonies.
C. measurement with tape rule in government land survey.
D. use of red carpet for important dignitaries

The application of sanctions in enforcing decisions and compelling obedience is usually demonstrated through ______

A. authority.    B. duties.    C. obligations.    D. power

Public corporations are financed  ______ 

A. by tax payers
B. with private funds
C. with entrepreneurial funds
D. by political parties


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