Government Practice Test – Organs of Government (Questions with Answers & Explanations)

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A corrupt judicial system erodes the observance of _____ (WASSCE 2017)

A. national peace and stability.
B. the rule of law.
C. international laws and conventions.
D. democratic values of the executive.


The institution connected with law adjudication is the ______ (WASSCE 2011)

A. judiciary
B. police
C. government
D. executive


The verdicts of judges which are binding on lower courts are called judicial ____ (WASSCE 2006)

A. orders
B. precedents
C. council
D. oaths


Which of the following strengthens the power of the Supreme Court against the executive and the legislature? (WASSCE 2017)

A Judicial precedent
B. Judicial review
C. Court injunction
D. Oath swearing


Statutes are _____ (WASSCE 2014)

A. Bills passed by local government
B. Laws passed by the judiciary
C. Bills passed by the executive
D. Laws passed by the parliament.



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