Government Practice Test – Colonial Administration in West Africa

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An important innovation of the constitutions of British West African colonies in the 1920s was the ______ 

A. introduction of elective principle
B. appointment of Africans to the executive councils
C. restriction of the Governor’s veto powers
D. opening of Regional Assemblies

The National Congress of British West Africa (NCBWA) was founded in 1919 in _____ 

A. Lagos.     B. Monrovia.     C. Accra.    D. Bathurst

The indirect rule policy did not succeed in some parts of West Africa because ______

A. it was not well understood
B. only few British officers were posted to those areas.
C. the powers of traditional rulers were not centralised
D. the elite were participatory to the policy

The political parties that were established in West Africa between 1945 and 1965 fought for _____ 

A. national conferences
B. political independence
C. supremacy among themselves
D. regional integration

The West African Students Union (WASU) was formed in 1925 in _____ 

A. Dakar     B. London     C. Washington     D. New York


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