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The French Policy of Assimilation implied that ______ 

A. the French transferred powers to Africans
B. traditional rulers were recognised.
C. African countries were granted independence
D. Africans were modelled after the French

One of the criticisms against the policy of Assimilation was that it ______ 

A. did not recognise African culture as good enough.
B. granted French citizenship to all the people in Senegal.
C. ignored the educated elite.
D. recognised the traditional rulers

Which of the following was a nationalist organization?  

A. People’s Redemption Organization
B. National Congress of British West Africa
C. West African Peoples League
D. National Council of African People

A major feature of the constitutions in British West African Colonies in the 1920s was the _____

A. abolition of local government.
B. introduction of the elective principle.
C. introduction of council of elders.
D. introduction of Universal Adult Suffrage

The highest court of appeal under the Independence Constitutions of the West African States was the _____ 

A. District Tribunal
B. County Court
C. Judicial Committee of Privy Council.
D. Magistrate Court

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