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Which of the following alternatives will NOT assist in checking the population growth in West African countries?  

A. Immigration
B. Birth control measures, e.g. use of contraceptives
C. Late marriage
D. Creating more educational opportunities for women

Which is NOT an important factor responsible for high concentration of population in some parts of Nigeria?  

A. Climatic influences
B. Development of trade and markets
C. Soil fertility
D. Processing of petroleum oil

The group of people engaged in banking or insurance services by occupational distribution are classified as ______ (JAMB 1989)

A. primary producers
B. secondary producers
C. tertiary producers
D. technical producers

The higher the dependency ratio the ______ (JAMB 1991)

A. larger the proportion of the employed relative to the unemployed
B. smaller the proportion of the active labour force relative to the inactive
C. smaller the number of the non-working age groups relative to the active labour force
D. lower the birth rate

If the growth rate of available resources continuously outpaces that of the population, a country will eventually experience ________

(A) maximum population
(B) under-population
(C) over-population
(D) optimum population

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