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The type of business finance that entitles the holder to a fixed rate of dividend is ______ (JAMB 1989) 

A. preferred stock.     B. common stock     C. debenture     D. bank loan

One of the most outstanding disadvantages of co-operative societies as business organizations is that ______ (JAMB 1991) 

A. true spirit of co-operation is marred by delegated authority
B. members show much interest
C. it is poorly financed
D. membership interest is centred on sharing of essential commodities

The type of business organizations mostly used for producing public goods in Nigeria is ______ (JAMB 1992) 

A. sole proprietorship
B. limited liability companies
C. co-operative societies
D. statutory corporations

In a public company, entrepreneurial functions are performed by the _____ (JAMB 1988) 

A. workers        B. shareholders      C. general manager       D. board of directors

The advantage of the sole proprietorship is as Follows EXCEPT ______ (JAMB 1978) 

A. inter-generational equity is assured. 
B. continuity is no problem
C. control and supervision is under one man
D. funds are easy to obtain.

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