Economics Practice Test – Theory of Supply (Questions with Answers and Explanations)

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The supply curve above is _____ (JAMB 2016)

A. fairly inelastic
B. perfectly inelastic
C. unitary elastic
D. perfectly elastic

If price of yams decreases from N 15.00 per tuber to N 13.50 and the quantity supplied decreases by 20%, what is the elasticity of supply? (JAMB 2016)

A. 2.00    B. 0.50   C. 1.50   D. 1.00

The supply of cocoa is influenced by _______ (JAMB 2012)

A. seasonal conditions
B. the efficacy of fertilizer used
C. the demand for beverage
D. the availability of close substitutes

A set of factors that can shift the supply curve are changes in _____ (JAMB 2010)

A. weather, price and technology
B. technology, price and taste
C. technology, weather and population
D. population, price and taste

Given the supply function: P = ¼ (Qs + 10) when P = N 10, what is Qs? (JAMB 2019)

A. 30   B. 20   C. 15   D. 50



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