Economics Practice Test – Theory of Price Determination (Questions with Answers and Explanations)

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The graph below is the market demand and supply schedule for yam

What is the equilibrium price?

A. N10      B. N15      C. N20      D. N25

At a co-efficient of price elasticity of supply of 0.5, supply is _____ (WASSCE 2009)

A. perfectly inelastic      B. inelastic      C. perfectly elastic      D. elastic

The demand and supply functions of a commodity are given as follows: Qd = 20 - 2p Qs = 6p – 12.

Where P = price in naira, Qd = Quantity demanded and Qs = Quantity supplied.

The equilibrium price is ______ (WASSCE 2009)

A. 2 Naira      B. 4 Naira      C. 6 Naira      D. 20 Naira.

The demand for beans in bags is given by the function Q - 36 + 0.4P = 0 Where P is price in Naira and Q is quantity, find Q when P = 20 Naira. (WASSCE 2007)

A. 12 bags      B. 24 bags      C. 28 bags      D. 30 bags.

When a change in price does not affect the quantity demanded of a commodity, the price elasticity of demand is _______ (WASSCE 2004)

A. fairly inelastic      B. infinitely inelastic      C. perfectly inelastic      D. unitary elastic.



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