Economics Practice Test – Population (Questions with Answers and Explanations)

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The purpose of conducting a census is to enable a country to ______

A. plan her capital inflow arid outflow
B. determine the growth rate of population
C. plan her growth and development
D. determine the optimum level of population


During a conflict between management and workers, the union’s bargaining power is based on ______ (JAMB 2005)

A. work-to-rule
B. negotiation
C. picketing
D. management decision


The effect of emigration on a country’s population is ______ (JAMB 2013)

A. decrease in the population
B. decrease in job opportunities
C. increase in population
D. increase in dependency ratio


From the table above, the unemployment rate is ____ (JAMB 2019)

A. 8.7%   B. 8.0%   C. 11.5%   D. 9.2%


An upward review of the retirement age will affect the _______ (JAMB 2007)

A. supply of labour
B. tax rate
C. demand for labour
D. wage rate



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