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While typing, a series of letters were highlighted and the keyboard key combination “Ctrl + B” was executed. The highlighted letters would be ________ (WASSCE 2018)

A. underlined      B. italicized      C. deleted      D. bold

Pressing the key combination Ctrl + J on a selected text in a Microsoft Word document would _________ (WASSCE 2020)

A. align the text     B. deselect the text     C. justify the paragraph     D. juxtapose the text

Which of the following items is not located on the MS Word menu bar? (WASSCE 2014)

A. Home      B. Open      C. View      D. mailings

In a word processor, the first operation involved in moving a paragraph from one place to another is ________ (NECO 2015 CS) 

A. clicking on Edit Menu and select copy.
B. highlighting the paragraph to be moved.
C. right clicking and drag.
D. right clicking and select copy

Principal uses of word processing software packages include: (WASSCE 2016 CS)

I. preparing deft articles for publication;
II. preparing reports for top management;
III. preparing accounts; IV. preparing organization’s newsletter.

A. I, II and IV only      B. I, III and IV only      C. II, III and IV only     D. I, II, III and IV

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