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Identify the network device labelled B in the diagram below:

A. Hub      B. Network Interface Card      C. Router      D. Modem

The following are resources available to a client on the network EXCEPT ______

A. printers      B. fax devices      C. scanners      D. monitors

What is the full meaning of VPN?

A. Virtual Public Network
B. Visible Private Network
C. Virtual Private Network
D. Visible Public Network

The language used by computers to communicate each other on the network is known as ______

A. Word Wide Web
B. Machine language
C. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
D. Internet

Which of the following are the basic components of a computer network? (WASSCE 2015)

I. A minimum of two computers
II. Printers
III. Network interface card

A. I and II only      B. I and III only      C. II and III only      D. I, II and III

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