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A distributed network configuration in which all data or information pass through to the central computer is called ______ network. (NECO 2016)

A. bus      B. point-to-point      C. ring      D. star

The rules for exchanging data on a network are known as ________ (WASSCE 2016)

A. transmission rules.      B. transfer rules.     C. protocols.      D. configurations.

Which of the following are the basic components of a computer network? (WASSCE 2015)

I. A minimum of two computers
II. Printers
III. Network interface card

A. I and II only      B. I and III only      C. II and III only      D. I, II and III

The basic criterion for classifying a network is _________ (WASSCE 2017)

A. psychological consideration.
B. geographical scope.
C. equipment availability.
D. economic reason.

Mr. Francis has an office complex with 20 rooms. What type of network is suitable for connecting all the computers in their various rooms into a single network? (WASSCE 2021)

A. LAN      B. MAN      C. PAN      D. WAN

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