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The following are advantages of networking EXCEPT _______

A. Resource sharing      B. File sharing      C. set up cost      D. ease of communication

Study the figure below:

What is the role of the part labelled II in the figure above? (WASSCE 2019)

A. Interpreter      B. Medium      C. Receiver      D. Source

The type of network topology that does not need a network server to manage network connections is _____

A. ring topology      B. mesh topology      C. tree topology      D. bus topology

Identify the type of network illustrated in the diagram below:

A. LAN      B. MAN      C. WAN      D. SAN

Which of the following devices would not transmit signals from one point to another? (WASSCE 2018)

A. Telephone line      B. Modem      C. Fibre optics      D. Coaxial cable

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