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A Trojan horse that attempts to download remote files is known as _________

A. Trojan horse      B. logic bomb      C. Trojan.Lodear      D. Trojan

Computer Virus replicate itself through _________

A. gaming      B. execution of codes      C. programming languages      D. Microsoft Word

_________ infect the directory of your computer by changing the path that indicates the location of a file.

A. FAT Virus      B. Rootkit Virus      C. Directory Virus      D. Trojan horse

One of the symptoms of Computer virus is ______

A. computer just shuts down without warning
B. warning displayed before shut down
C. paper jam during printing
D. none of the above

The following are sources of computer virus EXCEPT _______

A. Printer      B. floppy disk      C. cracked software      D. email attachment


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