Data Processing Practice Test – Internet

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The title of the web page being accessed on the interface in the Figure above is displayed on the part labelled _________ (WASSCE 2019 DP)

A. I      B. II      C. III.      D. IV.


An internet-based system that allows people of different geographical locations to have in-person meeting is known as _________ (WASSCE 2017 DP) 

A. voice messaging system
B. video conferencing System
C. on-line mailing system
D. fax system


When browsing on the Internet, a possible reason for the message “page not found” is that _______ (WASSCE 2015 CS) 

A. the weather is hot
B. the web browser is fast
C. multiple web pages are loading at the-same time
D. a connection between the client and server has been lost


A search Engine is a ______ (WASSCE 2016 DP)

A. program that searches engines
B. computer engine that searches a database
C. hardware component of a computer
D. tool that searches the web


In e-mail context, bcc stands for ________ (WASSCE 2017 DP)

A. Backup Carbon COPY
B. Blank Carbon Copy
C. Blind Carbon COPY
D. Bulk Carbon Copy



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