Data Processing Practice Test – File Organisation (Questions with Answers and Explanations)

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Which of the following file organisation methods can be accessed both randomly and sequentially? (WASSCE CS 2019)

A. Direct files
B. Indexed sequential file
C. Serial files
D. Sequential files

Which of the following computer file can be used for updating the master file? (WASSCE CS 2018)

A. Data file
B. Program file
C. Reference file
D. Transaction file

Which of the following options best describes the arrangement of file structure?

I. File     II. Field     III. Character        IV. Record (WASSCE CS 2020)

A. III, II, I and IV
B. II, III, I and IV
C. III, II, IV and I
D. III, IV, II and I

Which of the following is not a method of accessing file? (WASSCE CS 2017)

A. Circular
B. Random
C. Serial
D. Sequential

The following are different ways files can be organised except _____ (NECO CS 2016)

A. finite.
B indexed.
C. random.
D. sequential



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