Data Processing Practice Test – Data Modeling

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Arrange the following steps in the correct order for editing data type in data sheet view of a Microsoft Access database

I. Choose the type of data that will be entered into the fields
II. Click the data sheet tab on the ribbon
III. Click the field you wish to define
IV. Click the ‘down’ arrow next to the data type (WASSCE 2022)

A. I, III IV and II
B. IV, III, II and I
C. II, III, I and IV
D. III, II, IV and I


The logical and physical structural arrangement of database to accommodate information needed by the user is called ______ (NECO 2015)

A. Conceptual design.
B. Database design.
C. Entity-relationship.
D. Relationship model.


The part of the object in the figure above labelled II are called _______ (WASSCE 2019)

A. attributes  B. entities   C. models   D. relation


A relational database model is designed according to set rules known as ______ (WASSCE 2018)

A. normalization      B. isolation     C. grouping     D. enumeration


Which of the following is not a database object? (NECO 2016)

A. Forms  B. Formulae  C. Queries  D. Reports



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