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In Microsoft word, CTRL + ESC ______ the start menu. (NECO 2014 CS)

A. Closes      B. Cuts      C. Opens      D. Redo

While typing, a series of letters were highlighted and the keyboard key combination “Ctrl + B” was executed. The highlighted letters would be ________ (WASSCE 2018)

A. underlined      B. italicized      C. deleted      D. bold

Bola intends to evoke the synonym of a certain word during word processing. What is the most appropriate tool to use? (WASSCE 2017)

A. Assistant      B. Change case      C. Grammar checker      D. Thesaurus

While typing a MS word document, Akin inserted footer in the document in order to ______ (WASSCE 2015)

A. Enhance the overall appearance of the document
B. Make the document more readable
C. Insert page numbers
D. Make it appear on the document when printed

In a word processor, the first operation involved in moving a paragraph from one place to another is ________ (NECO 2015 CS) 

A. clicking on Edit Menu and select copy.
B. highlighting the paragraph to be moved.
C. right clicking and drag.
D. right clicking and select copy

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