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By default in Microsoft word, your document prints in ________ mode. (NECO 2014 CS)

A. landscape      B. page setup       C. portrait      D. print view


The Figure below shows a dialog box from Microsoft Word application.


Which of the following command shortcuts can be used to display the dialog box in the Figure above when the application is running? (WASSCE 2021)

A. Ctrl+O      B. Ctrl+S      C. Ctrl+Y       D. Ctrl+Z


The symbols dialog box of MS Word application is located on the _________ (WASSCE 2020)

A. format menu     B. help menu     C. Insert menu     D. view menu


Principal uses of word processing software packages include: (WASSCE 2016 CS)

I. preparing deft articles for publication;
II. preparing reports for top management;
III. preparing accounts; IV. preparing organization’s newsletter.

A. I, II and IV only      B. I, III and IV only      C. II, III and IV only     D. I, II, III and IV


While typing a MS word document, Akin inserted footer in the document in order to ______ (WASSCE 2015)

A. Enhance the overall appearance of the document
B. Make the document more readable
C. Insert page numbers
D. Make it appear on the document when printed



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