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The table below is a simple payroll.

• Basic pay = Hours worked x pay per hour
• Allowances are allocated at 5% of basic pay.
• Gross pay = Basic pay + allowances.
• Tax deductions are calculated at 10% of gross pay.
• Net pay = Gross pay — tax deduction.

What is the value of cell H5?

A. 140     B. 141      C. 142      D. 141.75

Study the MS Excel worksheet below and use it to answer the question that follow:

What is the sum total score for all students?

A. 443      B. 445      C. 450      D. 435

The Table below is a part of MS Excel worksheet which shows the marks obtained by some students in an examination.   

Which of the following formulas would calculate the average score of the students in Mathematics? (WASSCE 2018)

A. =Average(C2:C6)       B. =Average(C2:F2)       C. =Average(C1:C6)       D. Average(C1:F1)

Which of these formulas will not be executed in MS Excel? (WASSCE 2017)

A. =SUM(examscore)
B. =SUM(examscore)-12
C. =SUM(examscore)*8
D. =SUM(examscore)/3

In spreadsheets, data would not be accepted into a cell by pressing the _______ (WASSCE 2015)

A. Shift key.       B. Arrow key.       C. Esc key.        D. Tab key


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