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A company has four computer systems, one printer and one scanner for its daily operations. One factor that can motivate the company to connect all the devices in a network is the need to _________ (WASSCE 2020)

A. provide efficient services
B. save running cost
C. share software only
D. use a wireless connection

Identify the type of network illustrated in the diagram below:

A. LAN      B. MAN      C. WAN      D. SAN

Which of the following is not a component of a computer network? (NECO 2015)

A. Client      B. Network      C. Programmer      D. Protocols

A _______ is a system designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a priv1te network. (NECO 2016) 

A. cache      B. cookies      C. firewall      D. malware

The transfer of information between computer systems without any physical connection is called _______ (NECO 2017)

A. direct broadcast. 
B. point to point service. 
C. satellite communication.
D. wireless communication.

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