Computer Studies Practice Tests – Networking

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Identify the network device below:

A. Hub B. Switch C. Router D. Modem

Which of these technologies allows wireless connectivity in a Personal Area Network? (WASSCE 2019)

A. Bandwidth      B. Bluetooth      C. Broadband      D. Satellite

The type of network topology in which broadcast message is sent to the backbone wire and only the intended recipient accept and process message is ______

A. star topology      B. mesh topology      C. tree topology      D. bus topology

Study the diagram below:

The main function of the device labelled II is ______ (WASSCE 2019)

A. speeding up the rate of data transfer to the part labelled I
B. providing services to the other devices in the set-up
C. forwarding data packets between computers
D. controlling the access to the part labelled I

Which of these network devices limit the amount of bandwidth users can share?

A. Hub      B. Network Interface Card      C. Switch      D. Optic Fibre Cable


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