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The following software are web browsers except _________ (WASSCE 2021 DP)

A. Firefox.      B. Google Chrome.      C. Linux.      D. Opera

In e-mail context, bcc stands for ________ (WASSCE 2017 DP)

A. Backup Carbon COPY
B. Blank Carbon Copy
C. Blind Carbon COPY
D. Bulk Carbon Copy

To visit the previous page using the interface in the Figure above, the user will click on the part labelled ________ (WASSCE 2021 DP)

A. I.      B. II.       C. III      D. IV.

The shortcut key combination for adding a new tab in the figure above is _______ (WASSCE 2019 DP)

A. Alt+N      B. AIt+T      C. Ctrl+N      D. CtrI+T

Which of the following is a valid e-mail address? (WASSCE 2015 CS) 

B. [email protected]
D. www.fì

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