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String and _____ variables are the constants that BASIC interpreter uses during execution. (NECO 2021)

A. double   B. logical   C. numeric   D. relational

The keyword REM in BASIC programming means ______

A. remember   B. recall   C. remark D. recalculate

Write the mathematical expression   in BASIC notation.

A. (B^2 – 4A*C)/2*A  
B. ((B^2 – 4*A*C)^(1/2))/2*A
C. (B^2 - 4*A*C)^2*A
D. none of the above

Study the BASIC program below:

10 FOR P = 1 TO 50 STEP 2

The value 30 in the BASIC program above refers to ______ (NECO 2021)

A. input   B. line number   C. parameter   D. program number

The following commands are used for looping in a BASIC program EXCEPT _____

A. FOR      B. WHILE       C. LET      D. NEXT

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