Computer Studies Practice Test – Managing Computer Files (Questions with Answers and Explanations)

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Any document saved into a disc is referred to as a/an _____ (NECO CS 2014)

A. field
B. file
C. folder
D. record

Frequent backup of computer files helps to _______ (WASSCE DP 2022)

A. archive files
B. modify records in file
C. prevent virus attacks
D. protect files

Which of these is not among the file organization? (NECO CS 2014)

A. lndexed
B. Parallel
C. Random
D. Sequential

The transaction file can also be described as _______ (WASSCE CS 2014)

A. master file
B. movement file
C. reference file
D. historical file

One advantage of indexed sequential file organization is that _______ (WASSCE DP 2018)

A. index tables are small and can be searched quickly.
B. it is cost effective.
C. it is suitable for dynamically changing files
D. it requires less storage space.



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