Computer Studies/ICT Practice Test – System Development Life Cycle (Questions with Answers and Explanations)

Hello and Welcome to Computer Studies/ICT Practice Test - System Development Cycle

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 The last stage in system development cycle is _______ stage.

A. analysis     B. design     C. evaluation     D. feasibility


A person who studies an organisation and makes appropriate design for its computer needs is called a _______

A. Data analyst   B. Program analyst   C. Information analyst   D. system analyst


In developing a computer system for a firm, it is important to carry out _______

A. feasibility study before preliminary review
B. design before analysis
C. implementation before feasibility study
D. investigation study before implementation


Which of the following will be appropriate for ‘Adogi Health Clinic’ system development?

A. Medical history of patients
B. Residential environment of patient
C. Staff records
D. diagnostic research networking


Study the figure below:

The path labelled I is the _________ (WASSCE 2014)

A. system design.
B. system implementation.
C. study review.
D. feasibility study.



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