Computer Studies/ICT Practice Test – Computer Data Conversion (Questions with Answers and Explanations)

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In computer memory, MDR represents _______

A. memory digit random
B. memory data random
C. memory data register
D. memory data read-only


A group of electrical wires that serves as an interconnector between CPU and other computer components is referred to as ________

A. accumulator      B. capacitor    C. bus    D. address


It takes 10-8 sec for ALU to complete the decoding of a command that was fetched for it within 10-10 sec by the control unit. However, the result obtained was transferred to the memory in 10-7 sec.

From this information, The I-time is ______ second.

A. 10-8    B. 10-7     C. 10-10     D. 10-15


All these are computer registers except ______

A. processing register
B. storage register
C. address
D. accumulator


All these can affect the data processing performance in a computer except _______

A. RAM size    B. word size    C. computer design style    D. bus speed



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